Monday, April 20

The Tea Parties Rage On

Last Wednesday, Americans of all stripes and colors gathered to peacefully protest the astronomical debt this country is racking up.

What I've found amusing is how flummoxed the left is by these tea parties. They are completely befuddled by them so all they can think to do is hurl insults and reduce the participants to names like morons, idiots, and mindless robots.

My very own liberalesque brother sent me an email wanting to know what these tea parties were all about and "who's your leader?" That last question kept me laughing for days. Who's our leader? Of course, the left thinks the people who participated last Wednesday are just mindlessly following the orders of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. But that question is precisely why they don't get it.

These tea parties were a 100% grass roots effort. Employing the same social media sites that Obama so brilliantly used during the campaign, these protesters organized over the last two months on Twitter, Facebook and on blogs across the intersphere. The leaders were the lady at the post office, the grandma who babysits her grandchildren during the day, the small business owner, the young stay-at-home mom, the student. In fact, two moms were the driving force behind the tea party that took place at the Alamo in Texas that ended up drawing a national audience.

But as the left tried to comprehend where this movement of idiots came from, they were even more bothered by the reason for the gatherings.

A common theme amongst the editorial hand-wringers was the supposed irony of Americans protesting high taxes on a day when 95% of us would be receiving a tax
break. Unless, of course, you’re one of the 15-20% of adult Americans who smoke. Or maybe one of that tiny little percentage of Americans who use any electricity after Washington imposes a cap-and-trade system of energy taxation. Or if you own (or own stock in) a business facing $353 billion in increased taxes over the next ten years. Or if printing dollars by the trillions results in inflation and you happen to be an American who uses … money. But let’s not let a perfectly good meme get in the way of ridiculing taxpaying Americans.

The left also likes to point out that the first tea party was protesting taxation without representation and (duh) that's not the case today. Really? Today, we are blessed to have 535 morons representing us who don't seem to ever take in account what the American people want or say. After countless emails and phone calls, our "representatives" still do whatever they want to do. Sounds like taxation without representation to me.

I've also seen a lot of blogs and articles saying that they'd respect the protesters if they quit complaining and put forth a viable solution to the problem. I agree with that to a point. I always think a person should be willing to help solve a problem they identify, but isn't that what we have boy wonder Opie Geitner and the masterminds in congress and the anointed one in the White House? Aren't they suppose to be the best and brightest to solve this economic mess?

Americans are desperate to have their voices heard. They are doing everything they know to do to become part of the process, but it has been like beating their heads against a wall. Thus, the tea parties. The peaceful, harmless tea parties where people hold signs, sing 'God Bless America' and wear tea bags on their hats.

So why do they have the left in such a frenzy?


happyathome said...

I loved the fact the media was downplaying the Tea Parties all the way up to the day, then reporting they were well attended. I attended the Tea Party in my area, Hartford, CT where we will soon be the highest taxed state. It was well attended and peaceful. It brought back memories of when Gov. Lowell P. Weiker imposed a state tax on CT in the 90's,spuring a rally at the state capitol.
I also had been asked by my sister-in-law the same question your brother asked. She pointed out an article in the NYT which tied the Republicans to the Tea Party, no surprise there, even though it is not about a party affiliation but over taxation. I have to dig it up and send it to you.
I have to catch up with your site, went away on vacation and playing catchup with everything else!

Natalie said...


You won't have much to catch up on...I was also away on vacation and busy with life over the last two weeks.

Of course, everyone thinks the RNC was behind the tea parties. They just don't get that it wasn't about party affiliation. In fact, apparently there were a lot of democrats in attendance as well. It was simply about standing up for what is right.

Go figure!

Melissa said...

Very well written and explains very clearly the intent. No more horse and pony shows (ah-hem, Mr. President)...this is about the people and our country. I just think so many people are in a position right now where they don't want to admit they may have cast the wrong vote back in November. So, they just keep reminding the world of all the "mistakes" the current administration inherited to keep their minds off the mess their candidate makes each day.

Shauna said...

Amen! These fools who ask who our leader is need to be reminded that our leaders are Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Georges Washington and Hamilton - these framers of the constitution whose goal it was to build a country where the people had a say in the administration of the country. A country that, with the system of checks and balances, could never give too much power to one person.

We threw the first tea party because of taxation without representation. That was the meaning of the latest tea party. Between lobbyists, PACs, and special interest groups, the politicians that are in power are more loyal to their election donors than they are to their constituents.

I read an article that stated that something like 75% of people were against the bailout - it still happened. That IS taxation without representation. This has nothing in the world to do with party affiliations, this tea party has to do with fighting for what this country was built on - the power of the people. While we may be called idiots, morons and robots, we show more patriotism than they will ever know. We continue to stand tall and proud in order to fight for the constitution, not for a man whose loyalties lie in Nigeria and Indonesia. We fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Natalie said...

Great comments Shauna! You are right...are leaders are the founding fathers. I'm reading "The 5000 Year Leap" right now. Excellent, excellent, excellent reading about how and why the founding fathers did what they did.


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