Tuesday, April 21

Dear Mr. President

For decades, the United States has been the country to fear and to admire. We are the country people flock to in droves for opportunity and freedom. We are the country that protects our own and protects other countries too weak to protect themselves. We are generous with our resources and our money to a fault.

Those are just a few of the reasons, Mr. President, as to why I'm frustrated you aren't acting like you are the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. It doesn't have to be in a self-righteous or haughty manner, but act like you are proud of this country and what it has accomplished over the last two centuries. Stand proud for our principles and don't apologize for those things that set this country apart. Quit pretending like the United States is an ugly word. For without the United States, many countries around the world would go hungry, succumb to disease, victimize their women and children, never recover from natural disasters, and have no hope that there is a better life possible.

I know that sounds pretentious to you, but it is the truth. The United States plays an important role in this world and probably our most important role is to portray the strength and steadfastness of this nation to leaders and countries who rely on it for their own strength and determination. We didn't become this great nation by trying to be the popular kid on the block. We've never embraced our enemies or those who embrace oppression or violence in their own countries because we've condemned their actions and have worked tirelessly to bring about a better life for their people.

Frankly, in your effort to bring a new tone to the world stage you appear weak, and that is concerning. The United States' enemies have been waiting patiently for a president who is not going to stand up and aggressively defend America and her interests. They've been waiting for a president who rather talk turkey over beers than issue stern warnings and rebukes. They've been waiting for that opportunity when the United States lets her guard down just long enough for them to take advantage of her or to harm her.

Stand tall, Mr President. Be proud of this country. Don't apologize for those things that have made the world stronger. Keep our position in the world secure, not for our own ego, but because so many other people and countries depend on us for their own survival. If we fall, they fall. It we slip, they slip.

Stand tall, Mr. President. Stand tall.


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