Monday, April 6

Obama Speaks Out Against Nuclear Weapons

Just hours after North Korea launched a long-range rocket, President Barack Obama called for "a world without nuclear weapons" and said the United States has a “moral responsibility ” to lead the way, as the only nation ever to use them.

Obama’s speech was long planned as the centerpiece of his first presidential trip overseas, but it gained new urgency after North Korea sent a multi-part rocket soaring over the Sea of Japan early Sunday morning.

you can watch the speech and read more over at Politico...


Shauna said...

I know this is not a popular view, but when we outlaw nuclear weapons, the only countries that will have them are the ones who are willing to break the law to get them. So, America will be left defenseless while countries like North Korea, who don't care about following the law will still acquire/make these weapons. That leaves us in a really scary position. In a perfect world, total global disarmament would be a beautiful thing - but this is NOT a perfect world.

Part of the reason that it was SO crucial to JFK to put a man on the moon was to let the world know that we are a powerful force to be reckoned with. When we give up our weapons with a wink and a wish that countries that hate us will follow suit, we may as well show our fuzzy underbellies and start practicing saying "Comrade"

Melissa said...

I feel like most days I wake up holding my breath and hoping the next 4 years will fly by with as little damage as possible until someone who actually has a clue is running our country.

katy said...

Ditto the above comments. Obama is suppose to be so smart, but to suggest the US to disarm when N.Korea and others is building up arms???


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