Tuesday, February 10

I'm All Ears

I'm making no bones that I'm not a supporter of this stimulus bill. But I'm sure there are readers out there who are supporters. Give me you best reasons why this bill needs to pass. Why should I support this bill? Why should I overlook all the pork and nationalization of health care to support this legislation.

I'm all ears. I truly want to understand why the American people should support this bill.


happyathome said...

I am not in support of this AT ALL! A lot of pork barrel programs, money that does not NEED to be spent and we will be paying for YEARS to come! I am and always will be for less government in our lives and lower taxes, money does not grow on trees and where does everyone think this money will come from? Hmmmmmm.....
Don't think this package is the cure all, this mess is not over yet. Watch for a nice little boost than another crash. A temporary bandaid for a wound that will be festering for a while.
Thanks for letting me air my opinions.

Jeff said...

One person's pork is another person's stimulus. In the grand scheme of the bill, the percentage that I consider pork is minor to the overall mix. The fundamental question is whether you believe a mix of tax cuts and government spending can help stabilize (not cure) the economy.

I don't know anything about the bill nationalizing health care.

Natalie said...

The health care bill is not a separate bill. It is part of the current stimulus package. Don't you think health care is a big enough topic that it deserves its own bill and debate...not to be sneaked in the back door of this monster, hoping that no one will spot it. That right there tells you that its something they want to hide. If you (Congress) think you've got such a great idea for health care then don't be afraid to parade it in front of the American people and answer people's questions about it.

Jeff said...

Again, I need more than Betsy McCaughey's word on the subject. What does the AMA say about it?

Natalie said...


Do you hear that thump, thump, thump? That is me beating my head against the wall. I'm not asking your opinion on health care, I'm asking that if you support the Senate's stimulus bill (like you claim to do, then please explain why you are supporting it and why other people should support it also.

Jeff said...

Because it's necessary and it's the best bill we're going to get. Most economists, even most conservative economists, believe a major spending package is necessary. The total package is a compromise between spending and tax cuts. Sure, I can pick out many spending items that I would rather not see in the package, but overall I think it will serve the intended purpose. Then again, no one knows for sure. I wish there wasn't a neeed for the government to take these extraordinary steps, but I really do believe the situation is as serious as Pres. Obama (and most economists) say it is.

Melissa said...

Why can't they take out the garbage and get the darn thing passed??? Let's be reasonable here and HONEST.
The Republican version of this would be like hiding a reversal of Roe vs. Wade in the middle of it and calling it a stimulus....do you think the Dems would just go right along with it?? Heck no!
As far as I'm concerned, let the banks fail, let the auto makers fail....it is the free market system, they're greedy and there is plenty of competition out there that we will survive!!We may be uncomfortable for awhile, but it is time to let the system work the way it was intended to.

If we have to have a stimulus package it needs to create jobs and put the trust back in consumers to start spending their money again. However, I for one, am keeping a tight hold on my wallet if this is how irresponsible and selfish our current government is. I'll need to save that money for the next couple years when our taxes double or triple.

And, can someone please tell me how increasing welfare is going to create a job?? That's just stupid.


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