Tuesday, February 10

Another Day, Another Tax Problem

President Obama's choice for labor secretary, Hilda Solis, is (surprise!) facing tax questions. A Senate committee's vote on her confirmation is delayed after it learns her husband had $6,400 in unresolved tax liens filed against his business. Solis is a Democratic Representative from California.

Public records show that since 1993, two state and 14 Los Angeles County tax liens totaling about $11,640 have been lodged against Sayyad and his business, Sam's Foreign and Domestic Auto Center. The documents indicate that $6,468 in county liens remained unresolved until Wednesday, when Sayyad paid off the balance, according to the Los Angeles County treasurer and tax collector's office.

Despite her problems, Democrats seem confident she'll still be confirmed. The White House defended her by saying that Solis is "not a partner in that business. So we're not going to penalize her for her husband's business mistakes. Obviously, her husband, I think, has and should pay any taxes that he owes." Although they file their taxes jointly, her husband is the sole proprietor of his business.


happyathome said...

I think what floors me the most is in this age of accessible information, how hard is it to find these issues out before you offer the canidates the positions? Why all of these surprises during the interview process wasting a lot of time? Sounds like the back end research was not done thoroughly or maybe it was known and ignored hoping it would not be brought up.

The Gang's Momma said...

I feel as if the new administration is making a laughingstock out of the process, out of the purpose of confirmations and out of our country's integrity to the nations who are watching us. It's shameful and embarrassing and now, bordering on ridiculous.


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