Friday, August 29

The Obama Speech - In My Opinion

Guest Blogger: Jeff Porter, Obama Supporter

I probably can't add much more to what already has been said about Obama's acceptance speech last night. As an Obama supporter, I thought it was very effective, even by Obama standards. I was happy to see him put more substance in the speech instead of relying solely on soaring rhetoric, although there was plenty of that, too. I also thought his pokes at McCain were well-executed and appropriately tough but civil. Obama must be one of the most gifted public speakers to ever run for President. His speaking ability alone would be a refreshing change after the last 8 years of Bush's painfully fragmented and often butchered speaking style.

I'm sure those of you who are not inclined to vote for a Democrat will find plenty of things to not like about Obama and the speech. That's fine. At the end of the day, the speech really wasn't about trying to get your support. It was more about reaching out to disaffected Democrats (especially Hillary supporters), Independents and Republicans who are at the end of their rope with the current Administration and want to believe again in the goodness of their government and, as Obama said, the promise of America. In that respect, I think Obama's speech probably accomplished a lot.

It will be interesting to see how the Republicans respond at their convention. This might be one of those times when it's not good to go last. The only sure thing is that, no matter who wins in November (Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin), history will be made.



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