Thursday, August 28

Who Is Barney Smith?

Guest Blogger: Jeff Porter, Obama Supporter

If you only watched network coverage of the Democratic National Convention last night, you probably didn't see one of my favorite parts of the stadium extravaganza. The least celebrated speakers of the evening were ordinary citizens explaining why they support Obama. They were great! This group of plain-spoken Americans made the case for Obama far better than most of the professional politicians.

One of my favorites was Barney Smith from Marion, Indiana. If it's possible to look like a Barney Smith, this is the guy. A lifelong Republican, Barney lost his job at the RCA plant after 31 years of service when his job was shipped overseas. He's now an Obama supporter. My favorite line from Barney: "We need a president who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney." Where did they find these people?


the back door said...

as my husband and i, hoosiers, watched this barney smith, i think i commented - why do they always find these kind of people to represent indiana!!

but to be honest, we loved it!! of course, we tend to favor obama here - and yes, we are republicans. in fact hubby once served locally as a republican, but i guess in our neck of the woods if you hold to morals and doing what is right, you don't get to stay a republican office holder!

Anonymous said...

For the record, I think Barney is a great representative for Indiana -- not because of his "charm" but because he reflects the eclective character of the state. Indiana is undoubtedly a conservative state, but that doesn't mean it's a Republican state. At their core, Hoosier's are practical people and independent thinkers who know BS when they see or hear it.

Anonymous said...



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