Friday, August 29

Sarah Palin - A Heartbeat Away From Commander-In-Chief

Guest Blogger: Jeff "Married to my Daughter's Mom" Porter, Obama Supporter

Can someone please explain to me how Obama isn't experienced enough to be President but Sarah Palin is? I guess the inexperienced argument only applies when it's the other guy.


Melissa said...

Because even though Sarah Palin is only a "heartbeat away" from being the President, she is not running for that office.

Obama is actually going to be running the country if elected and not just sent off to do all the schmoozing. I'd say the thought of Obama as president keeps me awake at night, but I really don't think he can pull it off (plus in my humble opinion, God has it all under control no matter what happens). It all comes down to people feeling "safe". A mild recession is better then being killed in a terrorist attack any day because we have an inexperienced guy who has no sincere desire to cross the aisle but is a great public speaker.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable! A mom with 5 kids, one an infant with special needs is absolutely the WORST choice ever! Who is going to mother your children when John McCain dies of old age?!?!? No body can have it all-You choose to be a mother of 5 or you choose to be VP or Pres. A degree in journalism?!? Give me a break, “I’m just a hockey mom” oh yeah this is exactly what America needs

Shauna said...

Dear Anonymous,

Maybe the reason that mother of 5 wants to be VP is to try and make a change in the world FOR HER CHILDREN. I am a stay at home mom myself, but that is not the only way to positively influence your children. I choose to be a mom, I choose to be a wife, I choose to be a writer and I choose to do what I can to make this world a better place. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, men and women (mothers included) have fought and died to provide you that right; but it is that opinion that makes today such an emotional and thrilling experience. Thank God that we have come to a place in history where your opinion is in the minority and we are about to break through all those 18 million cracks. (By the way, nobody is one word, not two).

Vicki said...

Palin is considered to have more experience than Obama because she has actual executive experience running a city then a state. Obama has legislative experience, however no experience actually being in charge of cities or states. And from what I hear she's done a good job being in charge.

Jess said...

This is my first visit to your site, but I have to say that a two-sentence write up about a MOM IN POLITICS at a blog that is supposed to be about politics for moms is a bit absurd.

How about you do your homework on this woman and bring some real analysis to the table? Palin has a LOT to offer-- and she's a working-class every-woman.

It is ridiculous for you to say, "this site does not endorse parties, candidates, and ideologies" and yet have your first two posts up right now (blasting Palin and praising Obama) be as they are.

Maybe you'll want to change your welcome note if you're going to present such a one-sided view.

Anonymous said...

Please note that I am a GUEST blogger while the real blogger is on vacation. I have opinions and a point of view. It would be disingenuous for me to pretend otherwise. You're right, it is VERY significant that a mother of 5has been chosen as VP. A full profile of this impressive woman will be coming soon. I encourage you to visit again, especially when Natalie returns.

Jeff a/k/a Adopted Mom While The Real Mom Is Away

tigrefan98 said...

Sarah Palin has saved taxpayers more money and made more positive changes leading one small town and one out of 50 states than Barack Obama has done in the *national* Senate in his (short) tenure. 'Experience' requires substance and success, Palin has that over Obama by a mile, and she's running for VICE president.

Even if she were 'Scott' Palin, her extensive energy experience, high approval ratings at 80-90%, and track record of successful ACTION would make her a compelling choice. Her personal story means McCain is putting his money where his mouth is: people want elected leaders who understand what their daily lives are like, their values and priorities. That is Sarah Palin.

My thoughts - from May - on Palin:

Her bio from a local Alaska paper:

Best Palin resource on the web:

Anonymous said...

Here's what I've learned so far:

(1) the Vice President doesn't need to be qualified to be President because the role of a Vice President is to schmooz.

(2) serving less than 2 years as governor of Alaska (pop. 600,000), while giving birth to a special needs baby, and mayor of Wasilla (pop 6,000) makes Palin more qualified to be President than the unqualified Obama -- President of the Harvard Law Review; Director of the Developing Communities Project; Constitutional Law Professor at the Univ. of Chicago; Civil Rights Lawyer at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland; Illinois State Senator (7 years); United States Senator (3 years); Member of Senate Committee for Foreign Relations; Member of Senate Committee for Environment and Public Works; Member of Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs; Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs; Sponsor of 131 bills; Co-sponsor of 619 bills....and international rock star.

This must be what they call 'new math.' I guess Republicans support Affirmative Action after all.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous your an idiot with this posting " Who is going to mother your children when John McCain dies of old age?!?!?" Mothers and Fathers all over this country are taking care of their children together and switching roles and parenting as a team. I work full time and my awesome husband stays at home with the kids. Also to say that Palin was only choosen because she is a woman is crazy. I agree that is was most likely a factor, but more of a factor is her record of standing up to coruption in politics, reducing taxes, and controlling government spending and he knowledge of energy issues. She has got things done in AK!

Melissa said...

Jeff -

Surely you know I jest with my comment on "schmoozing". The point being that outside of actually becoming the president, what exactly does a vice president do? Or, maybe what I'm really trying to say is "What does the public think the VP does?". As long as they lay low and don't accidentally shoot anyone, you don't hear too much (good or bad) about them during non-election years.

As for Sarah Palin, I have mixed feelings. I like that she is a woman who shares many of my own conservative views, I like that she has high approval ratings. What sort of bothers me is that she is still in the process of raising a young family. Washington is a bit different then Alaska and I can't imagine the sacrifices this family will have to endure to make it work. I'd be a much bigger supporter of this name on the ticket in another 10-15 years. I'm not a fan of people wanting to put their kids on the back burner while they put their own needs/desires first on an everyday basis. So, I just can't seem to connect with her. This position requires complete dedication 24/7 and you can't be everything to everybody so we know who loses out. Her family.

I'll still vote for her and McCain unless Obama goes through some life altering conversion and actually says something that I can identify with. It comes down to the issues. Because of those issues, I believe there aren't as many Barney Smiths "jumping ship" to vote for Obama as you and the Democratic Party want us to believe there are.

COPAY said...

The difference is we all got a vote in deciding of Obama's experience was sufficient . Only McCain got to vote for Palin.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin may be a heartbeat away from the presidency, but Joe Biden is a full healthy life span away. So let us compare Obama to McCain, but I forgot McCain is dying, so let us compare Obama to Palin but Biden is out till Obama dies and since he did not have cancer he will in all likelihood outlive Biden. All right, now that we know who gets to live and who gets to die let us balance the checkbook. In the “worst” case scenario for the republicans, McCain will die and Governor Palin who does not have the same national experience as Obama Since she has not run for President for such a lengthy time as him, will become president. In the “worst” case scenario for the democrats, Obama lives and Biden gets to sit in the back seat, napping and getting old in the White House. In the “best” case scenario for the republicans McCain lives and Palin gets to learn in the meantime what to do when the time comes for her to take over eight years later. In the “best” case scenario for the democrats, Obama dies and Biden gets to take over. I don’t know about how you feel, but I rather not kill Obama and give a chance for McCain to live.


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