Friday, July 25

Third-Party Candidates: Serious Contenders or Spoilers

Despite the overwhelming press coverage Obama has been receiving on his world tour, the polls this week show that McCain is within four points.

One factor that both campaigns are sure to have an eye on are the other two contenders that could play spoiler in November. Libertarian Bob Barr and Independent Ralph Nader could both pull just enough votes to impact the election outcome.

According to the L.A. Times, "Worried McCain supporters have begged Barr to drop out. The renegade responds with his famous bespectacled glare, referring to himself in the third person, as is his habit: "The GOP has no agenda, no platform and a candidate who generates no excitement. That's not Bob Barr's fault."

In 2000, some believed Nader pulled enough votes from Al Gore to hand the election to Bush. While unlikely that many Democrats would favor Nader over Obama, he still is a wildcard that can't be forgotten.

While third-party candidates don't pull in the big dollars or have scores of media following them, they may still wield enough influence with their supporters to make an impact---especially on election day.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This subject has always bothered me. I agree with those who think they just pull votes away from candidates who actually have a chance to win. There is no way they could ever pull enough votes themselves, so why are they sticking around?


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