Friday, July 25

Freedom Friday

Did you think I forgot about you all? Never. Just decided to extend my vacation by a few days, but I'm back and by the look of the newspapers this week, we've got lots to discuss.

But first, it's Freedom Friday and this summer we've been looking at ways to build citizenship in our kids. Today's idea is great if you're looking for a road trip to do with your kids.

A lot of families this time of year head to Washington, D.C. to see the monuments, Capitol Building, White House and a host of other attractions that mix history with entertainment. Depending on where you live, a visit to D.C might now be feasible. And if you have younger kids, they will probably be overwhelmed by the crowds and lines and countless statues.

Instead, take the family to visit your state's capitol this summer. Find out if they offer a tour. Make an appointment to visit your local senator or representative. Explain what a bill is and how it becomes law. Teach them the difference between state and federal government. Look up your state flag and bird. Eat lunch in the commissary rubbing elbows with all the staffers.

We often overlook teaching our kids about state government, but learning how we govern at a state level is an excellent first step in helping them grasp the role of the federal government. It also brings the business of government closer to home as you talk about how your legislators make decisions about the roads they travel, the schools they attend and the businesses they frequent.

Who knows...maybe you'll inspire your child to become more interested in what's going on around your community and what they can do to become part of the process.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I have great memories of taking the boys to the Capitol Blding. in H-burg when they were little for the prayer and praise rallies that used to be held there (Nat'l Day of Prayer, etc.). This is a great idea for a rainy summer day - to sit and do some internet surfing for the stuff that interests them about our gov't. Thanks!


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