Thursday, July 17

Does It Mean This Blog is Moderate?

I'm not sure if it's just my viewing or if everyone can see that everything on this blog is center spaced. Clearly, something has gone crazy with Blogger. I have no idea what happened or how to fix it but I'm still on vacation and will try and trouble shoot it when I get home this weekend.

Thanks for reading.


Kat said...

It isn't just you. Everything looks centered to me too. I hope that doesn't mean you're moderate though :) I think you've done an excellent job of remaining mysterious in that aspect while educating in a respectful way. Job Good and keep it up!

mommapolitico said...

Looks great from here...I admire the fair and accurate reporting you've done to keep us all informed. Relax, enjoy and have a great time, and let the blog take care of itself for a little while. We all deserve the occasional few days off!


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