Thursday, April 10

McCain even with Obama, Clinton

According to CNN's Political Ticker today,

Barack Obama's once double-digit lead over John McCain in a hypothetical match-up has evaporated, according to a just released Associated Press poll.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are now statistically tied with McCain, suggesting the Arizona senator may be benefiting from the drawn out Democratic primary race.

If the Democrats don't pull themselves together, they are going to hand this election to McCain.


The Gang's All Here! said...

ssssssshhhhhh don't say that out loud! they may be listening and change their divisive, selfish, ego-centric ways.

or not!

belle said...

just curious... when will vp running mates be announced? will mccain wait until the dem. nominee is chosen? if so is that a strategic thing? could his running mate choice change based on who wins the dem. nomination? how does this work??? enlighten us:)


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