Thursday, April 10

Clinton and Obama to Discuss Faith and Issues

On Sunday, April 13, at 8:00 pm (ET), my alma mater is hosting Sens. Clinton and Obama for The Compassion Forum. CNN will broadcast this presidential candidate forum on faith, values and other current issues. NBC anchor Campbell Brown and Newsweek editor and election anchor Jon Meacham will moderate

Organized and sponsored by Faith in Public Life, the 90-minute forum will address domestic and international poverty, global AIDS, climate change, genocide in Darfur, and human rights and torture. The Compassion Forum will provide the opportunity for candidates to discuss how their faith and moral convictions bear on their positions on these important issues.

"The Compassion Forum will give the candidates a chance to talk straight to voters about what they'll do as president to fulfill God's command that we be our brothers' keepers," said Governor Mike Huckabee, a supporter of the event. "I'm proud that the faith community is taking the lead in asking the candidates to confront the most pressing moral challenges of our times."

The Forum will feature Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the same stage to talk about these topics as each candidate sits down individually with the moderators. The program will also stream live at

"Issues of faith, compassion, and the common good are important throughout Pennsylvania," said U.S. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. "We have a moral obligation to provide a stable foundation for our next generation, but it also makes perfect economic sense. This year's candidates will be well served discussing these issues in Pennsylvania and The Compassion Forum."

Sen. McCain has declined to participate, although the invitation is still open.



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