Monday, April 14

Compassion Forum

How many of your caught Sens. Obama and Clinton talking about faith and politics last night on CNN? I have it taped but haven't had time to watch it yet. However, I did read about half the transcript of the forum and found it to be an interesting discussion on topics that don't always get discussed during an election.

You can read the transcript here, if you missed seeing it live on television.

Did anyone else watch it? Any viewpoints on the two candidates and their faith?


Vicki said...

I blogged about this here: Compassion Forum: Hand Me The Barf Bag

In short, I could have predicted what their answers would be. Hillary actually did surprise me with one of her responses...

Melissa said...

I didn't watch it simply because they could have proclaimed their love for Jesus and I would have only shook my head and said "Prove it!". Their actions speak way louder than any of their words at a forum could and I have more important things to do than watch those 2 try to talk about spiritual and moral issues!

Anonymous said...

Prove it? Is that really what we require of our political leaders? Prove to me that you love Jesus? I'm sorry, but it's this kind of spiritual and moral arrogance that turns off so many people and what is increasingly marginalizing the conservative religious vote.


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