Friday, March 7

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Have you ever gone to a party or business function with your husband and found that everyone is talking current events and politics? And because you're a mom who is busy raising the future leaders of the world, the best you can offer to the conversation is, "Hey, did anyone know that CVS has Pampers on sale?" or "Speaking of global warming, Johnny went poo poo on the potty today."

No? Well, I have.

So my motivation for starting Politics for Moms is to help moms stay in-the-know on politics and current events. And not just so you can look like the smartest woman in the room when you can deftly lead a debate on the potential impact the superdelegates will have on the outcome of the Democratic nominee, but because moms need to stay engaged in the political process that is ultimately shaping the world we are raising our children in.

This site will keep you abreast of the latest news from the political front minus the noise and nonsense. You'll get just the facts but with a heavy dose of intelligent and thoughtful conversation and debate with other moms like you on the issues.

There's a lot to see on this blog, so let me give you a little tour:

If you want to see for yourself that it is possible to debate (and even disagree) politics without demeaning, name calling and lots of nasty, check out the comments on this post and this post. We have the most intelligent and articulate commenters and we learn a lot from each other.

We like to dig into the issues that are important to moms and learn exactly where the candidates stand. So far, we've tackled education and health care.

I also like to provide plenty of links to other respectable news sites and political blogs so you can do your own research. We call these posts Extra Credit.

Well, I think that does it. If you want to read more about my heart for this site, you can read this and this. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll add us to your list of daily reads.


Anonymous said...

wow! what an interesting blog! I definitely think it's something that is needed in the mommy world!
I'm Canadian, but follow a fair amount of politics only to debate with my brother haha

Happy partying! :)

LuLu said...

This is a really cool site. I wish more people would educate themselves politically, even I have more to learn. Although I try to stay on top of the canidate views. Power to you!


Anonymous said...

I'm inviting you to party with me!

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Happy Partying!

Angi said...

Neat blog! I'm bookmarking you for sure! Party On!

Nadine said...

Very unique blog. I just came by for the party. I hope you have fun visiting all the other parties. Come on by and say hi.

miriama said...

Nice site. I am party hopping and felt I had to stop here. Women should get more involved in choosing their president and well, everyone who impacts our lives. Thanks for a great and informative site.

Nikki said...

Stopping by to check out the party!

You know, I never really became a politically minded person until after I had kids. I started realizing how much of an impact our leaders would have on my children and that's what made it important to me.

CindyPTN said...

Hello fellow Blog Party Mom,

I love your site. I'll definitely be back. I enjoy discussing politics, but find that I could really get bogged down with all the chatter going on around the blogosphere and mass media! I let my husband do the reading and report to me the happenings. But, this is terrific. Maybe I'll have to become a bit more savy!

Have a great week.

Curiosity Killer said...

Oh wow. You definitely have a GREAT blog! Enjoy the party, and blog on!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'll add you to my reader so I can come back after the party as well!

~Denise~ said...

Awesome blog! Checking more out for sure.

And happy blog party!

breeze said...

Keep up the good work. I'm adding you. :)

Anonymous said...

Politics is my passion! I love politics! I have added your site to my reader.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

This is great! I have actually been looking for a site just like this. I am pretty politically minded myself-though I try to tone it down because A.) I tend to ramble for extensive lengths of time and B.)my political views philosophies are 'different'. I'll definately be back for some friendly debate and political updates. :)

You're welcome to stop by my regular old mommy blog. Although I do have posts on politics there!

Enjoy the party!

Yankee said...

Cool Blog! Just stopping by from the Blog Party. I will be back again!

Storm said...

Interesting premise for a blog. Thanks for the information.

Still hopping from blog to blog... my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!


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