Friday, March 7

Freedom Friday

I'm still so ferhoodled by this post that I'm simply posting pictures of my kids this week for Freedom Friday. Why? Because in this country our kids are allowed the freedom to be kids. In many countries, we've seen pictures of kids joining guerrilla military groups and sporting automatic weapons. We've heard of kids orphaned by their AIDS inflicted parents and left to raise each other in extreme poverty.

America isn't perfect, but it's a darn good place to raise kids. So today I'm celebrating the freedom our kids have in this nation to play dress up, ride their bikes and climb trees. You know, things kids do.

I hope you'll join me for today's Freedom Friday. Post a picture of your bambinos and link up here so we can, as mothers, take a stand for freedom.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I linked! You got my wheels turning this a.m. - especially after I read the article and your post on the moms of suicide bombers.

Thank you for this site. I read it every day, even if I don't comment. And it stirs me to prayer far more times than I'd imagined it would. I appreciate the efforts and the research and the thoughtful discussions. You rock!

What About Mom? said...

Hi, I linked up an older post with a couple cute pics of my girls -- hope that's okay.

I read your post about the suicide bomber-encouraging mother, and, like you, find it hard to comprehend.

on the other hand, I'd want to know if that mother was willing to do that herself, and if she truly believes that Allah himself is demanding this, it can't be that much different from Abraham and Isaac, right? I mean, she is certainly misguided and awful, but there is something about wanting your children to live or die for what you see as the truth, right?

And our mothers in the states are proud of their soldier sons and daughters fighting in Iraq. Is that so different?

have you seen The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner? I watched that with hubs the other week and really thought it was wonderful in portraying our likeness and difference with our enemy. he is me and i am him or something.

i'm glad i found your blog; you're giving me lots to think about. keep up the good work!


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