Thursday, March 6

Is a Do-Over Inevitable?

Remember last month when Florida and Michigan held their primaries but their votes didn't count? Well now, the idea of a do-over is beginning to gain steam, especially in light of the Ohio and Texas primary results.

Let me refresh your memory on how we got here. Florida and Michigan moved up the dates of their primaries against the wishes of the Democratic party. So the Democratic National Committee stripped both states of all delegates for holding the primaries too early, and all Democratic candidates — including Clinton and Obama — agreed not to campaign in either state. Obama's name wasn't even on the Michigan ballot.

However, Clinton's campaign is entertaining the idea of holding another round of primaries in those states---a move that would likely help her catch up in the delegate race. Obama is open to the idea so that "delegates from the two critical swing states can participate, but not if Clinton is rewarded for victories in boycotted primaries."

But while both candidates seem open to the idea, there is definitely a fly in the ointment. Florida's governor is opposed to using tax payer money to fund another primary, however, he would be open to it if the Democratic National Committee wanted to foot the bill---approximately $25 million.

I think we'll begin to see Clinton's campaign start to vigorously advocate for these two states to hold their primaries in June (their original primary dates). A victory in Pennsylvania and then in Florida and Michigan for Clinton would possibly gain her the momentum she needs to role into the convention and win over the superdelegates she needs to secure the nomination.


Classic MaMa said...

Just wanted to tell you that I lurk. I have nothing constuctive to say so, I just come by and read all your finely researched info and then, I feel smarter. Thanks. :)

-Classic Mama (lurker)


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