Thursday, March 6

10 Reason Why McCain is a Good Choice

Now that John McCain has secured the Republican nomination, one of his tasks will be to unify his party. That could prove to be a sticky job since he has alienated so many conservatives over the years. However, this article gives the Top Ten Reasons to be optimistic about McCain as the GOP Nominee.

Reason # 3: McCain is one of the few Republicans that stands in contrast to the party when it comes to wasteful spending and pork projects. While the rest of Congress, along with George Bush, was spending money like there was no tomorrow, McCain was one of the few “lone voices in the wilderness” that sounded the alarm. Republicans paid dearly for this in the ‘06 election. When he talks the Republican meme of ‘less spending’ he means it-- and people know he does.

I think reasons five through one are good points that would make me take another hard look at him as a candidate I could support for the Republicans.

What do you think?


Angi said...

except that his Campain Reform Bill was unconstitutional - and I don't know about having a President who doesn't protect our Constitution!

Anonymous said...

except that the Supreme Court ruled that the McCain-Feingold bill IS constitutional. Thus, the bill is constitutional and your proclamation is inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

After 8 years of Bush, McCain is the only Republican with a remote chance of winning in November. Let's face reality, a majority of voters are not clammoring for a Rick Santorum-type of conservative candidate. McCain stood, usually alone, as an independent/moderate voice in a Republican Party largely dominated by cultural ideologs. It's refreshing to have a candidate who understands that politics is about working together with your opponents to craft a legislative compromise that reflects the general will of the People and not just narrow fringe interests.


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