Thursday, April 2

Obamas Take G-20 by Storm

It's no secret that the G-20 is going on in London this week. President Obama and the First Lady are making their debut on the world stage and, of course, they are causing quite a splash. Now I don't mean to throw stones at presidental glass houses, but I'm flummoxed by several of the stories.

1. The Obamas presented the queen with a gift of an inscribed video iPod, with preloaded songs, and a rare musical songbook signed by U.S. composer Richard Rodgers. They need to get a new gift buyer. And fast!

2. Michelle Obama touched the Queen. Apparently that is a major faux pas in the royalty handbook. In 1992, Australia's prime minister was called the "Lizard of Oz" after he put his arm around Elizabeth

3. Of course, Michelle Obama's wardrobe is under constant scrutiny. She was applauded yesterday from going from a designer dress to an outfit the average Joe could wear from J. Crew for a mere $500. Last time I checked, "average" Joes don't buy outfits that cost $500.

We're only two days into this extravaganza so I can only imagine what other hijinks the Obamas are going to stir.


Shauna said...

Who, seriously, who gives the Queen of England an iPod. Wow - we thought we looked like "stoopid Americans" before. Hope he gave her some earphones too.


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