Monday, March 30

The Minds that Move the World

If you would enjoy hearing Anderson Cooper, Charlie Rose, Karl Rove, Bill Maher or Ann Coulter (and many others) speak in person, then you need to check out the 2009 Speaker Series: The Minds That Move The World.”

This is a timely series of events that will provide attendees with a unique framework for understanding America’s current political landscape and place in world politics, through the insights of some of the most prominent political figures of our time.

They are in New York City tomorrow with Anderson Cooper interviewing Mike Huckabee, Arianna Huffington and D.L. Hughley. If you are in the New York area, you can catch this event at Radio City Music Hall. And, since you are a P4M reader you can buy tickets for 50% off for this New York date only. Just use the code MEDIA.

For all their other events, you can still get $10 off selected tickets. Go to and use the following codes for each city.

New York – use code SPIN

Boston – use code SS09SPIN
3/30: Al Gore
5/27: Charlie Rose interviewing James Carville and Karl Rove

Chicago – use code SPIN
4/1: Al Gore
4/22: Chris Matthews interviewing Tucker Carlson, Arianna Huffington and Paul Begala
5/28: Charlie Rose interviewing James Carville and Karl Rove

And this is something additional just in case you are interested: there is a trivia quiz about the speakers on

If you happen to attend any of them, let me know so I can be appropriately jealous!



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