Sunday, November 2

Why I'm Voting for John McCain!

Okay, McCain supporters, it's your turn to tell us your most compelling reasons for supporting Sen. John McCain for President of the United States. Sound off in the comments.


Jill said...

I'm proudly voting for Sen. John McCain because I want a president that I can trust with the future of this nation. He has proven he has the experience, wisdom and determination to do what's right for this country. I also appreciate his ongoing commitment and love for the United States and know he won't do anything to knowingly harm the country he loves so much and almost died for.

Melissa said...

I'm voting for John McCain because of his years of experience in government and military. I know he will fight to protect our country, because he already has! His position on moral issues like abortion more closely line up with my own. If we don't have a president who values human life, how can we expect the rest of our country to?

The Gang's All Here! said...

Integrity. Honor. Duty. Experience. Pro-life. Perseverance.

Jungle Mom said...

Honestly, the number one reason is Barack Obama!
Obama's support for infanticide as well as abortion, including partial birth abortion. I know abortion has been around and will stay around, but I do not want my tax dollars paying for someone else to be able to kill a baby.
Also, having lived under socialism, I see Obama using all the same 'code' words. I doubt our system will allow him to implement his true desires which we can judge from his past association with so many outright Marxists.
Socialized medicine is a terrible thing which I have had to rely on. It is a system which only leads to poor health care for all as the industry has no incentive to progress or perform at a high level.
Frankly, anyone who believes either candidate will be able to deliver all they are promising is a bit naive. With the present economic situation, it will not happen.
I find it notable that those who are voting for Obama all mention what HE will give them, where as most McCain supporters only want someone who will protect our rights. We do not need a government that will give us everything for then we are a slave to that government.

Jessi said...

I'm voting for McCain because I fundamentally disagree with almost everything Obama stands for. I question the moral fibers of a man who voted to, not only allow abortion, but to prohibited anything from being done to save a child that is 'accidentally born' in the process of one. That causes me unshakeable concern. Of course, there's also the mountain of evidence that socialist societies do not work, and I would not want to back someone desiring and planning on trying to move our country in such a direction.

There are also issues such as education, which as a current homeschooler, using both traditional homeschooling as well as a public virtual charter school, and considering private school as a future option, I obviously align more closely with McCain than Obama. This educational issue I feel is one that has the potential to effect the entire nation in generations to come. We, as responsible, voting adults, MUST think generationally if we want to see the USA prosper and continue to enjoy safety and freedom...which are also issues (safety and freedom) that I feel McCain has a much better grasp on, experience with, and plans for than Obama.

I'm not sure either candidate is going to be able to 'deliver' on whatever promises they are spouting in regards to taxes, so that's not really even impacting my decision one way or another.

The state of healthcare is so outrageous to me at this point that it is another area that I'm not sure either candidate can 'fix', but I certainly would lean more the direction of McCain on this as well, and do not have ANY desire for nationalized healthcare! That's the one thing I'm sure would make it worse, in fact.

These are obviously the 'big' issues; however, overall, I think that if a candidate's priorities seem out of whack, moral judgements are alarming, and character and associates are questionable, should all be looked at and largely factored in. Everyone makes campaign promises, and largely don't or can't actually 'make good' on them. However, a persons life and choices stand as a testament of who they are and indicate how they will react and choices they will make in the future.

Kristy said...

I am voting for John McCain because of so many reasons. He is a fighter and an honorable man who has fought for our country and almost died for us...if that doesn't tell you something I don't know what does? I have no doubt in my mind he will make decisions that will protect our country and keep us and our children safe. Another biggie for me is the abortion issue. I could never vote for a man..."Barrack Obama" knowing that he would enact laws to kill a living baby from a botched abortion...that is pure evil and it makes me sick. I am pro-life therefore John McCain is my man. I also see eye to eye with him on his healthcare plan which would give us the opportunity to find and purchase our own healthcare instead of government mandating it for you. We know socialized healthcare is a poor system and I don't know why so many people can't see through that! All in all, I agree with John McCain on Taxes, Healthcare, Abortion and I admire his dedication and love for his country.

KarenW said...

In this election, the differences between the two candidates are vast. I lived in a post communist country for 7 years (Romania). The spread the wealth mentality is alive and well even though communism fell years ago. Doctors and lawyers don't make much more than the factory workers, unless you count what's paid under the table. (Just google it if you don't believe me.) They have national health care there but the entire medical field is a scary place. Whenever we were in need of a doctor, we took an all day trip to Bucharest to see an American doctor.

I trust John McCain to make wise decisions about the economy. Barack Obama constantly talks about raising taxes and keeps lowering the salary level of who is going to be taxed. If he can't keep his promises during the campaign, what's he going to do if he's elected???

John McCain is experienced and tested. Enough said.

He loves this great country of ours.

He is pro-life.

Melissa said...

1. He loves our country and proved it.
2. He is pro-life.
3. He'll cut our taxes and not spread my wealth around.
4. Sarah Palin.
5. Cindy McCain.
6. He doesn't hang out with terrorists who hate Americans and Israelis.

Tracy Ruckman said...

John McCain is an honorable, patriotic man who has my utmost respect. He's brave and courageous enough to fight against the "norm" of Washington. I am proud of his choice as Sarah Palin, too.

And for as many reasons as I'm voting FOR John McCain and Sarah Palin, I have as many or more reasons to vote AGAINST Barack Obama.

Obama terrifies me.


supports killing innocent babies.

opposes Israel.

supports, befriends, welcomes known terrorists (have we so quickly forgotten 9/11?)

He has not one ounce of patriotism for this country that our forefathers fought for. He doesn't DESERVE to lead this country.

Please go cast your vote for John McCain - our country deserves the best.

Kat said...

Last Thursday my children and I stood in line to vote early. I choose a paper ballot just to keep my vote safe from little fingers. I voted for John McCain because:

I agree with the Republican Platform on:

1. Iraq - Regardless of how & why... we are there now. We cannot accept anything less than victory in Iraq lest we leave them to become another Afghanistan.

2. Taxes - No one should pay more taxes than anyone else. Everyone should pay their fair share. It is not right to say 'You make more money so you should pay a higher percentage of your income.' Everyone should pay the same percentage.

3. Health Care - Under McCain's proposed health care plan, I will be able to choose my own insurance and take it with me regardless of my employer. I will not be forced into accepting coverage I do not want or need nor will I be required to use the insurance that is most cost effective for my employer.

4. Education - Equality of choice, empowerment of parents, bonuses for teachers, funding for tutoring; $250B for online education for kids and adults; 27 states have choice... it works.

5. Energy - Everything must be done to make the US energy independent. NO option can be taken off the table. It is imperative to the future of our country.

6. Constitutional Rights - the Constitution is NOT a “living” document that should change with the whims of society or be interpreted by activist court judges.

7. Diplomacy - It is important to 'Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick' but we must be prepared to use that stick when necessary and not be so ready to hand the stick to someone else first. Peace through strength. Weakness encourages those who want to do you harm to actually do it.

8. Free Market & Fair Trade - Capitalism is the only economic system that truly succeeds in the distribution of wealth (Ayn Rand)

9. Representative Government

10. Women's Rights - A woman should have the right to decide her future and her fate but that right should not extend to allow ending the life of another even if that life is inside her own body.

11. Civil Rights - A federal marriage amendment should be considered only if the Supreme Court decides to interfere in the States' Rights to decide for themselves.

Shauna said...

I find several things disturbing about Barack Obama.
1. His association with Wm. Ayers and Rashid Khalidi (which by the way, would preclude him from being either an FBI or CIA agent)and of course Jeremiah Wright.
2. His unwillingness to disclose any personal information about himself. His birth certificate has been openly and publicly questioned and he has yet to provide other documentation.
3. Speaking of the birth certificate, it says that he was born in Hawaii one year after it became a state. That seems pretty convenient since there are so many questions surrounding his birth certificate.
4. His views on abortion are atrocious. He condones (in all views, however most notably with his views of late term abortion and care for surviving infants) murder.


John McCain spends 6 years in a POW camp being tortured and refuses to go home because he refused to go before his men.

He (instead of condoning murder) adopted a baby girl from India, who probably, without his medical intervention wold have died.

When he has been wrong, he has been forthcoming and has openly apologized.

Aside from all of those things, McCain is a VERY successful Senator and has been for many, many years; while, Obama has been a Junior Senator for a short amount of time and has perfected the "present" vote.

Stacy said...

Quite honestly, I'm voting for John McCain for only two reasons: his pro-life stand, and because there is just something I don't trust about Obama. While I do believe McCain is more than qualified to be president and completely respect all he has gone through, he probably isn't my first choice either. This has been a really difficult decision for me (as it has been for a lot of people), because I do like Obama and support a lot of his issues. He presents himself extremely well and he obviously gives hope to a lot of Americans, which I think we need almost more than anything. I understand why Obama believes the way he does in regards to abortion, I just don't believe that way myself. And I try not to get caught up in all the "terrorist", "baby killer", "Muslim" slander, but in my heart there is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way...and that scares me a little bit. So I'm going with me heart!


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