Friday, October 31

Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama!

There are only 4 more days before we, the people, get to cast the final vote for President of the United States. I thought about asking one mom from each side to write why they're voting for their candidate, but I'm going to open it up to everyone!

So for today and tomorrow, if you are going to vote for Barack Obama I'd like you to share one or two reasons why you think he should be the next President. It doesn't have to be long, or philosophical. Just give us a few compelling reasons that may help to sway a few of those undecideds.

McCain supporters will get their chance to sound off on Sunday and Monday when they answer the question, "Why I'm Voting for John McCain."

So tell me, why are you voting for Barack Obama for
President of the United States?


susan said...

1. Because I agree with Obama on:
a. Iraq
b. Taxes
c. Health Care
d. Education
e. Environment
f. Energy
g. Constitutional Rights
h. Diplomacy
i. Fair Trade
j. Inclusive Government
k. Women's Rights
l. Immigration
m. Civil Rights

2. Because I disagree with the Republican Party on:
a. Iraq
b. Taxes (Joe the Plumber should not have to pay the same percentage in taxes as Joe the CEO)
c. Health Care
d. Disrespect for the Constitution
e. Free Trade
f. Deficits
g. Federal intervention in the Terri Shiavo case
h. Widespread Corruption
i. The Religious Right
j. Anti-Intellectualism
k. Sarah Palin (related to i and j, above)
l. Backward Looking
m. Immigration
n. Civil Rights
o. Drill, Baby, Drill
p. Environment

Basically, the Republicans had 6 years of government control and REALLY messed things up. It's time for the Democrats to see if they can do better.

Mrs. Who said...

I basically would have to agree with the above commenter but have to reiterate that one of the main reasons I will vote for Obama is because of his stand on women's rights. There could not be more division on this policy between the two candidates.

Melissa said...

Susan & Mrs. Who -

What do you mean exactly by "women's rights?". I'm confused. What rights do the republicans try to take away from us?

Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

I suspect they could be referring to "women's right to choose abortion" since neither mentioned Pro-life/choice in their arguments.

Anonymous said...

I think Susan did an excellent job of stating why I also voted for Obama.

I was considering McCain, but I believe he sold out to win this election. The McCain of 2000 and even 2004 was a man I could have supported and did. I also worry about his rush to choose Palin as a running mate without a proper vetting. I have so many issues with her from censorship to misuse of power to her and her husband's association with a secessionist group to her disloyalty to the McCain campaign. I don't want her a heartbeat away.


Jessi said...

I'd just like to say, Margartita, that it's a shame that you've switched from McCain to Obama because of the Palin-related reasons you stated. All of those have allegations have basically been debunked, while there are many, MANY more proven and true concerns about Barack Obama. I can understand your feelings of McCain selling out or chaning...and while I might disagree, I can respect that as your opinion. However, basing your change on falsehoods that are being believed, as I'm sure some others voters are as well, really makes me sad. There are SO MANY legitimate and frightening and IGNORED/UNADDRESSED issues swirling about Obama - such as holding very socialist beliefs, his close associations with **questionable** (at best!) people such as Wm. Ayers and Jeremiah Wright (who hold very anti-American beliefs near and dear, as well as actively proclaiming them!)...I would IMPLORE you to look into such things (and the Palin stuff too, if you still think that these allegations have any merit) before you make your choice tomorrow. PLEASE don't just fall for every shadow the media tries to cast. Please.

susan said...

Don't worry Margarita, you're not alone. I was a McCain supporter in 2000 but he is clearly not the same candidate today and the Republican Party is not the same party. It is comments like Jessi's that have opened my eyes to what the Republican Party has become. If you're anything like me, the more Republicans try to slander Obama with this ridiculous hateful rhetoric, the more I'm convinced to vote for him. I will be voting for Obama not just as a patriotic American but as a Christian.

susan said...


By "women's rights" I'm referring to issues like abortion rights, equal pay, paid maternity leave and other family-related issues. I assume the abortion issue is the most important issue for you, as it seems to be for most people here. I understand and respect your position, but I don't believe the answer lies in legal remedies. Unintended pregnancies, for whatever reason, are very very personal situations. My interest is in helping women choose life, not mandating that decision by law. Obama is the only candidate who seems interested in getting past the politics to having an honest discussion about how we reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. As I see it, that's more of a pro-life position than the constant neverending legal polarization. I know you think Obama is a "baby killer" (among other names), but from where I'm standing those comments say more about you and the so-called pro-life agenda than they do about Obama. My conscience would bother me far more if I voted Republican in this election.

Melissa said...


Do you really think that Obama is "the only candidate who seems interested in getting past the politics to having an honest discussion about how we reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies". That is nonsense!! It is positively shocking how many Christians try to manipulate this theory all in the name of justifying their vote for a man who thinks that a baby who actually survives an abortion is not worthy of being kept alive. How in the world can you rationalize that Obama gives a hoot about an unborn child if he won't defend and protect them? It's called RHETORIC, Susan. If he (& people like you) actually used the term "baby killer" or even "abortion" for that matter, then all those naive people out there might see him for what he really is. Women's rights? Say what you really mean. And, by the way, I don't understand nor respect anyone's stance on being pro-choice. It 's like saying I respect and understand someone being pro-Hitler and/or pro-slavery. I assumed since you have me all figured out by my "so-called pro-life" comments I don't need to hold back how I REALLY feel.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your outrageous claim that Obama wants to kill babies born alive in botched abortions:

The Ninth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Jessi said...


I would be very interested to know why you feel I am slandering Obama or using "hateful rhetoric"? If you look into what socialism is, and compare it to the things that Obama himself has said, I simply and truly don't understand the difference. I would be very open to hearing and respectfully listen to anyone willing to explain in to me; however whenever anything is brought up about this, people start claiming hate, which I most certainly do not, and shut down. I think Obama is fine as a person. I hold very differing views from him, and thus will not vote for him. But he has as much right to his beliefs - and to run for the presidency on them - as anyone else. I simply wish that what he is presented would be named for what it is. I'm not saying socialism is a crime. If most people prefer to have our country run on those ideologies, it is our right as a nation to put him in power to bring about those changes. I do not hate him or think he is a terrorist, or a muslim, or any of the other ridiculous claims that people who are truly on a 'witch hunt' try to say. However, there are truths out there that need to be taken at face value.

And, what I was addressing was Margarita's comments about Palin and her 'abuse of power'. She tried to have a police officer removed from the force as HE was the one doing the abusing. HE WAS TASERING an 11 year old, among other things. I don't see how a person in authority removing a 'bad cop' is an abuse of power. I was concerned about the allegations and looked into these things. All I was saying was that I hope that anyone who is actually swayed by those claims would take the time to do the same.

I really don't appreciate being labeled in the way that you did for expressing my opinions. I must say, it's felt an awful lot lately like the 'tolerant' party of liberals are only 'intolerant' of one thing - anyone with differing (read 'conservative') view points. As someone who took the time to thoroughly look into the allegations of all candidates, the voting record of both presidential candidates, and weighed out what I found against the things that I personally value, I truly don't see myself as someone spouting rhetoric or hate. If you find my values to be 'wrong' or offensive, then I guess there's really nothing much I can do about that. But in the future you might want to engage a conversation before leveling accusations toward anyone - especially ones that accuse others of hate. I was simply trying to ask someone to check all the facts personally before making a decision...last time I checked, that didn't make me a hate monger.

Jungle Mom said...

Dear anonymous,
The fact that Obama may or may not, depending on your interpretation of his rhetoric, support infanticide, which is allowing a child to die unattended, he most certainly has voted for partial birth abortion which is perhaps even more vile.
Debating the Christianity of whether to torture and kill a child moments before the head leaves the birth canal, or waiting to deliver the child then abandoning it to die as garbage, is ludicrous.
There is no Christianity in either action.

Anonymous said...

anonymous...rather than using media to verify media, go directly to obama's voting record and look for yourself. you can find online the actual bill, what it states, and what his vote was. if anyone cares enough to throw stuff around and argue, you should care enough to go dig up the facts as well. i so wish people would deal with facts instead of medias interpretation of the facts!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this a Why I'm Voting for Obama Comment page? This is the United States, people are entitled to vote for who they so chose. They were stating why they voted the way they did. Don't criticize No one is right or wrong. I voted for Obama and I am proud of that. I should be considered middle class but these days we're bordering on getting to low income. I am a stay at home mom because I don't want someone else raising my children. My husband works his @%& off and we struggle month to month. I was afraid of where our financial situation was going if a republican became president again. I am a christian. I don't think abortion should be used as birth control BUT I think a woman should have the right to decide what she wants to do. I support our troops but I DO NOT support this war. Other countries hate the United States. I believe Obama will bring unity back to America and let other countries see that the US is a great nation that deserves to be respected.


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