Wednesday, October 15

An Unconventional Review of Last Presidential Debate

Doing something a little different tonight. Just for kicks, I'm going to blog my immediate thoughts as I listen to tonight's debate. I'll try to leave out my opinion on policy and make general comments...but I'm not promising. Come back tomorrow for a more refined recap of the debate.

  • Walking out, Obama looks very stoic. Upset even?
  • I like the exchange between the two at the outset. Respectful.
  • I'm watching the debate on CNN because I like the tracker that runs along the bottom of uncomimitted voters. It tracks, via a dial, the immediate feedback pro or con to what they are hearing. It tracks by men and women.
  • McCain is a leftie. What's Obama? Isn't there a stat that says a large percentage of American presidents are left-handed?
  • I bet Joe the Plumber never dreamed he could own a business and be pandered to during a presidential debate by name. Look for Joe to be all over the news tomorrow.
  • McCain: "We need short and long term fixes for the economy."
  • Awwww. McCain is blinking out of control. What's that all about?
  • Obama's got the uhhhhhs going.
  • I'm already noticing a trend with the CNN tracker: When McCain speaks, the men respond very positively. When Obama speaks, the women respond very positively. Will be interesting to see if that trend continues.
  • I'm loving this give and take format. It's getting them outside their talking points.
  • Obama: "I don't mind paying a little more taxes."
  • And we're still spreading the wealth around.
  • Shocking! Both economic plans will increase the national deficit. Not reduce it.
  • I like how Bob S. interrupted and redirected Obama to answer the question.
  • Since when is "living beyond our means" a federal issue when it comes to individuals.
  • McCain is getting fired up. It's nice to see him show some emotion.
  • Is an "across the board spending freeze" even possible when we're talking govt?
  • Obama: The deficit has doubled in last 8 years. Can't pursue the same type of policies.
  • McCain: "I'm not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush you should've run 4 years ago."
  • Let me answer that question! I think it's impossible to say that the budget could be balanced in 4, 14, or 24 years. Not going to happen in our life time.
  • The men are dialing high for McCain right now.
  • You take the high road and I'll take the low road and...what's the next line of that song?
  • This is what your mama always told you. Don't say anything behind someone's back that you wouldn't say to their face.
  • Repudiate.
  • The women are dialing low for McCain. I guess women don't like all the negative ads.
  • I'm watching a split screen. Wonder if their reactions to each other through body language will have any effect on voters. Al Gore would probably say yes.
  • Shout out to the Arizona Cardinals!
  • Can't we just all get along.
  • Holla to Joe the Plumber again.
  • Yes, this American citizen has certainly become cynical about politics. Amen.
  • McCain: Ayers is a washed up terrorist.
  • Obama: "Only involvement I had with ACORN was I represented them along with the Justice Department to help them get a IL motor voter law."
  • How do you spell "cockamammy"?
  • Sorry...missed most of the energy question. Took a phone call.
  • This is what makes me crazy. Obama says the average health plan costs $12,000 and McCain says the average plan costs $5,000. Who's right? Probably they both are but they aren't comparing apples to apples.
  • Finally. Questions on abortion and supreme court judges.
  • McCain: "Education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century."
  • Yep, men are still tracking upward for McCain and women upward for Obama.
  • Obama: We agree on two points...charter schools and removing bad teachers. We disagree on giving vouchers as way to cure educational system.
  • McCain citing voucher program in effect in Washington. About 1000 offered, 9000 people applied to get them.
  • McCain: "We need to reform these programs (Headstart), not just throw money at schools."
  • He had me at the word "voucher."
  • Shout out to Joe the Plumber. We haven't heard about Joe's education needs.
  • I think Bob Schieffer did a great job. Loved the variety of questions.
  • Schieffer: "Go vote now. It'll make you feel big and strong."
  • McCain's best debate by far.
  • Obama had a weak start by got better as the debate went along.

If you made it all the way to the end, I salute you. Now go read some real analysis from your favorite site.


happyathome said...

Love the overview, blogged about your post. Thanks!

Vicki said...

Great analysis :) I wrote posts after the last two debates. We had debate parties to liven up things:

How Did I Do At The Debate Last Night


Vote Early, Vote Often

It was much more fun watching these with others. And playing the games helped us to actually pay attention to what each candidate was saying.

Melissa said...

No worries about missing anything regarding energy that either of them haven't already mentioned several dozen times!

I loved McCain's point about the campaign financing....basically calling Obama "liar, liar, pants on fire"! Although, I think the American people in general are much more interested in their wallets then a president who is honest and has integrity. Does that make me sound cynical? :-)


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