Thursday, October 2

Palin vs. Biden

Tonight is the only debate for the vice presidential candidates. Of course, what would be politics without a few pre-debate questions to ponder.

  • Is it a conflict of interest for Gwen Ifill to moderate tonight's vice presidential debate? Ifill has written a book on Sen. Obama that is set to release around the election.
  • Can Palin overcome her dismal interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson to put forth a strong showing tonight?
  • Will Biden say something outrageous or insult Palin directly?
  • Will the outcome of this debate have any real bearing on the election?

Unlike the last debate which was not watched by many people, I have a feeling tonight's debate will be must see TV in most homes tonight.

So what do you think? Any opinions on the four questions above? Are you going to watch the debate?


Magi said...

The last debate had over 54 million viewers.

I always watch the debates, but I don't think they usually provide too much new information. The candidates are always so rehearsed and stay on their talking points. I'd love to see a "real" debate.

Shauna said...

I plan to watch the debate tonight. I think that Gwen Ifil should NOT be moderating tonight's debate; either way, there will be an uproar. The Republicans will say that Palin didn't get a fair shake, the Democrats will say that in order to prevent the appearance of impropriety, she was tougher on Biden than she was on Palin. It's just a bad idea.

I think Palin can overcome her two disastrous interviews. She has proven herself to be a feisty and smart debater in her bid for Governor of Alaska. I saw on GMA this morning that Sarah Palin's numbers have fallen, but remember the huge jump after her acceptance speech, I think, hopefully, we will see another jump in her numbers after tonight's debate.

I think it's not if Biden will say something stupid, I think the question is when. Can he go 10 minutes gaffe-free? Although...this might make a fun new college drinking game - every time Biden says something either insulting or stupid - you drink. Hmmm... alcohol poisoning might be an issue.

Livin' Life said...

It's funny I must fall into the general category of watchers because I was not at all interested in the last debate but very interested in this one. I feel like I have heard enough from the other two gentlemen and I am ready to hear from our VP's.
Just a personal preference.

It's like hockey I like to go to the Hershey Bears games better then the Flyers because the fines are lower and you see more fights break out therefore you get a lot more action in a game. I think this debate will be a lot more dramatic then with McCain and Obama.

Jessi said...

I'm definitely planning to watch. I did watch the pres. debates, but did get sick of hearing the standard lines that they've both been spouting over the whole course of the process.

I also DEFINITELY think that it is a conflict of interest for Gwen Ifill to be moderating...but I'm becoming more and more convinced that anything televised is biased one way or another (unfortunately usually biased liberally) - so what else is new.

I'm hoping Palin can overcome the interviews, as I think they were both handled very ignorantly by the interviewers (and normally I really like Charlie)and that she will be able to be herself more...but admittedly, I am nervous. I hope Biden is his usual self too... :)

As far as having a bearing on the election... I think Palin's performance will have the power to sway some voters, while Obama's supporters really won't care what Biden does. I'm really annoyed that many people seem to be acting like the race is Palin vs. Obama. Hello...can we look at the top of both tickets and make that the comparison??? (And I'm not meaning anyone on this blog, but rather media/general public).

Promises Fulfilled said...

I watched the first debate and I will watch this one too. I believe that it is important to hear what they have to say and see how they handle themselves in a debate - not just a written speech.

I do have to say that when watching the Obama vs. McCain - I really was not impressed with Obama. I remember Jeff saying that he thought that Obama was a wonderful speaker...maybe when the speech is memorized/completely written out. I was not impressed with the way that he came across in his speaking - nor, am I an Obama fan anyway...for other reasons though. I do not really base who I am going to vote for on how they speak.

I do have to say that the way Obama said "I have a bracelet too" was kind of, um, childish and poorly stated. I do understand what his point was, but he could have gone about saying it in a completely different manner. That is just something minor that stuck with me.

Looking forward to tonight's debate


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