Friday, September 5

McCain Also Vows Change

Under a sea of confetti and balloons, the RNC closed out their convention last night. McCain has never been a great orator in that type of setting, the town hall format is where he shines, but he delivered a comprehensive speech that outlined in pretty straight talk his positions on major issues as well as contrasted himself with Obama. "I don't work for a party" was the line that was used to reinforce his maverick image and set him apart from the current administration.

The last part of the speech changed in tone as he told his personal story and why he will put country first until he "draws his last breath." Recounting his days in the service and as a POW, he told with vulnerability about a selfish young man who grew up over those 5 years in captivity and who is now forever grateful for a nation that pulled him out of the pit of hell. Even though his story was told numerous times across the convention, the poignancy of the moment was still palpable.

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Jeff said...

If McCain really is the maverick and doesn't work for a party, then why has he changed so many of his positions that originally gave him the maverick image? On everthing from taxes and immigration to drilling, McCain changed his position to appease the party base. Can we expect more of that as President or will he re-discover his independent ways? If he really wants the Independent vote, then he's going to have to stick to his guns and make those of you in the base upset. In other words, he's going to have to become more liberal {gasp!}.

Laura said...

Speaking specifically to those issues, he changed his position because he heard the people saying what they wanted, which was different that what he had been saying.

The point isn't that he always goes against popular opinion, but that he isn't afraid to shake things up and be disliked... He doesn't mind rocking the boat...

And as president, I would imagine that he will still fairly close to the platform he was elected on, unless blocked by congress.

Jeff said...

He changed his position based on what he heard the partisan Republican base saying what they wanted, aka pandering. So does this mean his policies be driving by opinion polls of the Republican base?


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