Friday, September 5

Fact Checking Obama's Speech

Since we're striving for fair and balanced around here, I thought I should dig up some fact checking on Sen. Obama's convention speech.

He said McCain, far from being a maverick who’s "broken with his party," has voted to support Bush policies 90 percent of the time. True enough, but by the same measure Obama has voted with fellow Democrats in the Senate 97 percent of the time.

Obama said "average family income" went down $2,000 under Bush, which isn't correct. An aide said he was really talking only about "working" families and not retired couples. And – math teachers, please note – he meant median (or midpoint) and not really the mean or average. Median family income actually has inched up slightly under Bush.

You can read the rest at


Jeff said...

Thank you! This is the kind of objective reporting we need!

RiveterGirl said...

Hi Natalie,

Your "Contact Us Here" button doesn't seem to want to click for me. I have some questions about your site for a blog post my coworker and I are writing for our blog, Haute Mamas on

Is there an e-mail address where I can contact you?


Kate of All Trades said...

Just want to point out one thing though - Obama isn't claiming to be a "maverick" within the Democratic party.

hoosier reborn said...

Admittidly, I haven't visited P4M since you sent the ditto-head (does Rush still call his followers that?) my way around Indiana primary time. But Jeff, the instigator, came knocking on my blog, probably because he could find a sympathetic, I've come to see what you're up to.

Many congratulations on your wildly popular site...I think you're doing a great service, even if it has some right leanings I find a little hard to swallow. Here's a thought....I'd be all for removing entitlement programs, lowering taxes and basically gutting social programs from state and federal government. IF....

the church stepped up and followed its God given mandate to actually be the church in America, to feed the poor, take care of the sick, etc., etc.. But a majority of Republicans I know wouldn't stick another dollar in the offering plate even if their taxes were cut, or eliminated.

What does that say about us? What options do we have? It's not about politics, it's about what is right.

Karin said...

Hoosier Reborn,

Wow, then you need to find another church b/c that is not my experience. By your cynical tone, I'm guessing you've been hurt by the church or the Republican party or both. But don't throw all Christians into your sterotype as not taking care of people. I can point out where a lot of people are doing just that. You're never going to have a perfect "church," but I'd have to ask what you are doing to lead the church, rather than point the finger.

What's right? Stopping the bickering, rolling up our sleeves and getting busy.

hoosier reborn said...


First, I am very glad to hear your experience with other christians is different than what seems to be a commonly held perception of the church. You've asked/made some loaded statements. Way too much to go into here. I think some christians "get it" in terms of truly loving their neighbor....most do not. We have an image problem due in large part to political involvement of the church....which to me is a prostitution of the bride of christ. We should be more concerned about being Christ to our neighbor...and I can't see where as a whole we model that to our world.

Slighted by the R party? an understatement. Have had my eyes opened? Absolutely. And roll up my sleeves? I doubt many would argue few have worked harder to make "river city" a better place.

Karin said...

What is it that the Democratic party is doing to fulfill God's mandate to "actually be the church in America, to feed the poor, take care of the sick, etc.?"

And I don't mean government handouts!

Jeff said...

A word of caution for you. Logic doesn't have much value here. You have entered the Land of Pre-Enlightenment, where the Sun revolves around the Earth. :)

Jeff said...

By the way, that was a joke (mostly).

Karin said...


Your comment doesn't even make sense. Must be more of that attorney doublespeak where you take pity on us poor moms for being "bitter" as we cling to our religion and guns. Must be nice to pull down that six-figure income and think you have all the answers.

I think you're the one who's been drinking the Obama Kool-aid.

Jeff said...

I know, that was really mean. My apologies. Think of me as a pitbull, without the lipstick. Or a community organizer. :)

Look, I love you guys, I really do. We just come from completely different perspectives.

Have a nice weekend!

hoosier reborn said...

oh Karin, you just don't get it. If I thought Dems were right I would've joined their party when they asked me to some time ago.

Jeff-I didn't know you were at six figures! holy cow, care to loan this middle-aged, middle-income, out-of-work, can't get health insurance, father of two, college educated, disenfranchised conservative white guy who loves Jesus and wants to share that with my republican AND liberal friends, some money? or should I wait for a hand-out? I need to pay my tithes.

I learned to laugh at myself a long time ago.

Karin said...

Hoosier Reborn,

You're right, I don't get you. In fact, I'm not sure you understand you.

And don't wait for Jeff to give you a hand out. He'd rather give his money to the government so they can take care of you. Good luck with that.

Shauna said...

Hoosier Reborn,
I was raised in the Christian Church. I am a devout Christian and very active in my congregation. I have never seen more people who were willing to help out their neighbors. When someone has a baby or an illness/surgery in the family we are the ones that gather round and provide food and other things we can. No, the church doesn't (and I don't think it would be possible for them to) provide healthcare. We, the church, provide soulcare = free and universally. I am sorry that you are in a bad spot, but the Church can only do so much to help you - at some point you need to "help yourself". Jesus said that we have to forgive in order to be forgiven. Have you forgiven the Republicans or the Church that made you feel disenfranchised?

Oh, and by the way, the Church is the living temple of Christ. That means it is made up of people. Imperfect people. People make mistakes - the only one (as I am sure you know) who never made a mistake was Christ. Christ, however, did show compassion, forgiveness and kindness. Christ loves/d all people - even the imperfect ones. Just so you know, I will be praying for you.

Your little statement was totally over the line. Just because we don't agree with your ideals, doesn't mean that we are backwards, uneducated, closeminded neanderthals. It's probably time you take a look at the people around you and realize that though they all have different opinions, they ALL have value. The person who lives in a trailer and buys all their groceries at WalMart has as much right to their opinion without scrutiny and ridicule as you do.

hoosier reborn said...

In a bad spot? I'm in the best place of my life right now!!! and it's thanks to God working a profound miracle in my life...hence, my checking out of politics. I'm devoted to & serve my church, and it probably is the best example of Christ in our community, for all our imperfections. Thanks for your prayers too, some really big ugly Republicans in this town are out to get us....seriously.

If you're interested, check out my site, click on any faith topic and I think you'll start to at least understand my perspective.

The short of it, if you're a Christian, it's more important to view folks through God's eyes than through politics. Now I'm going to quit before Natalie disowns my wife......this is for the moms.


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