Wednesday, September 3

New Political Contender Born

Pundit after pundit, especially those who disagree with all McCain policies, could not gush enough about Palin's speech tonight at the DNC. Poised, pro, confident, political star, hit it out of the park, amazing, spellbound, energizing and the best speech by a VP candidate ever were all words used to describe Gov. Palin. But you are the ones who really count.

What did you think of Sarah Palin's nomination speech? Home run? Missed opportunity? Should she have addressed the rumors/scandals in more detail? Should Biden be shaking in his boots? Should the entire Obama campaign not get any sleep tonight?


Kat said...

Sarah Palin Rawks my Sawks!! She gave the bulk of that speech from memory. The teleprompter didn't pause for applause and got too far ahead of her. She is a true professional and will make an amazing VP.

quilted grandma said...

She was amazing, electrifying, energizing and totally female. I believe she can and would be able to handle the duties despite the family duties. I appreciated her brief comment about family troubles- her daughter is brave enough to show up and nothing more needed to be said. This family has twice rejected abortion as an option to handle an life-changing problem and are to be commended. It speaks volumns about their integrity.

Melissa said...

She was so polished, so genuine and so drawing...I can see now why she was chosen for this ticket. I believe that she has the momentum going to put and keep McCain ahead of the race. My guess is that she may help to win over a good majority of disillusioned Clinton supporters.

I think she said enough about her family and the fact her daughter and her fiance were there hand-in-hand was just another aspect I admired about Palin. No shame, no hiding.

The Republican Party has to be celebrating right now! I can't wait until the debates!

Bitsy said...

She was amazing! It was absolutely inspiring to watch her - she was serious when she needed to be, lighthearted when that suited best, informative, accurate, and delivered her speech in such a way that I couldn’t be prouder of my party.

I even got teary eyed!

Jeff said...

I saw a candidate that came across as arrogant, presumptious and disingenious....sorry, I forgot we were fair and balanced here. You know, like Fox News. :)

I thought she gave a great speech. Clearly, she can hold her own in a prepared speech, which is more than we can say for the current President. Suddenly, Republicans now appreciate the value of good speech making. Interesting. Welcome to the party. Her jabs at Obama were well executed, even if not factually accurate.

It will be insteresting to see how she does in her first unscripted moment. After all, we wouldn't want to give her a "rock star" reception before we know where she stands on the issues, would we? Here are just a few questions we should probably ask before she becomes the person with the Constitutional duty to stand in for the President:

Is she for or against torture? Is she for or against unilateral pre-emptive war? Is she for or against Bush's new timetable for troop withdrawals in Iraq? Is she for or against sending military troops into the boarder region of Pakistan? Is she for or against putting missles in Poland and the Czech Republic? Is she for or against bombing Iran? Is she for or against a Palestinian state? Is she for or against demanding that Israel withdraw from the settlements? Is she for or against paid FMLA? Is she for or against the "Bridge to Nowhere"? Is she for or against fully funding No Child Left Behind? Is she for or against raising income and/or payroll taxes on the wealthy? Is she for against raising fuel efficiency standards? Is she for or against free trade? Is she for or against the death penalty? Is she for or against the assault weapons ban? Is she for or aganist renewal of the Voting Rights Act? Is she for or against federal intervention in end of life decisions? Is she for or against succession for Alaska?

But hey, her kids are adorable!

Also, is it just me or do Republicans act like a different party was in the White House the last 8 years? They want us to re-elect them so that they can fix everything they broke. Hmmm. What's the saying, "Fool me once (Bush 2000), shame on me. Fool me twice (Bush 2004), shame on you. Fool me three times (McCain 2008?), shame on.....?" At the end of the day, the Republican base doesn't care how many times they get fooled. :)

Sarah said...


How's it feel to have your party kicked in the groin. Um...don't answer that, I think I can tell by your comment.

Jeff said...

I welcome the fight! :)

After all, the record clearly shows that the Republicans are the party of big government, record deficits, torture, Constitutional indifference, a depleted military, increased poverty, unemployment, inflation, declining wages, a weak dollar, and on and on and on.

In the words of our hapless leader Bush, "Bring it on." Finally, the Repubicans have someone who can speak in compound sentences! Yeah, progress!! :)

Classic MaMa said...

For the first time, in a long time, I was glad to be a Republican.

Sarah said...


Deficit: Happens when you're in war. But name me the last president who actually balanced the budget and ran a surplus.

Torture: McCain is against.

Depleted military: We have Clinton to thank for that.

Increased poverty: That's due in part to the many government handouts that keep people in poverty dependent on the government.

The last four are all related to the economy: Did you know if you have a house, car and food on your table you are more wealthy than 97%of the world? I know that doesn't directly address your concerns, but redistributing wealth across the board isn't the answer.

And you have a leader that thinks the White House is his personal brothel.

Jeff said...

Deficits: The record deficit figures don't include war spending. But don't worry, our children and grandchildren can pay for it.

The last president who balanced the budget and ran a surplus: Clinton. Before that, Johnson. Both Democrats. But Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility, right?

Torture: So will Republicans cheer or boo McCain on this issue? I wonder what Palin thinks on the issue...

Depleted Military: You blame Clinton? Heck, why stop there, throw some blame on Carter, too! Once again, living in denial.

Increased Poverty: Which government handouts are you proposing to eliminate? The school lunch program? Can we expect Palin to explain this to us?

Economy: Are you saying someone making $500,000 a year should pay the same percentage in taxes as someone making $32,000? Is that the Republican position? If I remember right, even John McCain doesn't propose this. Are you saying you disagree with McCain and Palin (actually, we don't know what Palin thinks about this)?

Brothel: Still fighting that battle, eh?

Jeff said...

If I can take a moment to take off my anti-McCain hat, I actually like McCain (the old "agents of intolerance" McCain). I said during the primary that he was the only candidate who remotely had a chance of winning this year. He's a good honorable man who might be able to clean up the mess of a Republican party left by the Bush years. I still won't vote for him, but you should all count your blessings that he was nominated.

Regarding Palin, I have no idea and no one else does either. I just think it's ironic (and sadly amusing) how the Republican base, who is so critical of the enthusiasm for Obama, is now falling over themselves to praise Palin. Partisanship knows no shame.

Enjoy your day!

Ainsley said...

I was totally surprised but thoroughly impressed with Palin's speech.

mommy zabs said...

I loved her speech.


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