Thursday, September 4

Let's Open the Mailbag

We have a few questions that have been sitting in my inbox for awhile that need addressed.

From Jessica
How much of what the candidates stand for is important vs. the party they are affiliated with and even further, the relationship they have with the party? So, if the nominee isn't completely in line with what the party typically follows, will they accomplish what they say they or does it get all muddled up with the party?

Jessica, there was an article in today's New York Times, McCain Policies Differ Sharply from Party Plank, that gives a good description of what happens when a candidate's policies are not in line with the party's beliefs.

From Shauna
So much has been made of John McCain’s age, I was wondering, once a political party has decided on their candidate, what happens if that candidate dies during the election?

There are a lot of opinions on this question mainly because there's not a definitive answer. Possible options include having the party quickly reconvene and choose a new candidate. Another option is the person who finished second in the primaries would be given the nod. Ultimately, it's up to the party officials to decide how to handle the situation.



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