Thursday, August 7

The Final Word

The love just keeps pouring in here at P4M regarding the Obama rant I posted some time ago. As much as I'd love to continue repeating myself over and over in the comments, I thought I'd just post a final comment here so we can all move on to other equally explosive topics.

For the last 8 months I have provided balanced and non-partisan coverage of the election on this blog. My desire is to provide a place where people can become knowledgeable about politics and challenged to think so they can make informed voting decisions. Over these months, many of you have thanked me for providing a place where you don't have to wade through the spin to learn the clear facts about the candidates and their campaigns.

I always go out of my way to make sure the candidates are portrayed fairly and accurately. Even though I try to have multiple sources confirm facts, occasionally I get a fact wrong or misspell a word. Many thanks to those of you who set me straight.

But I think my track record has been pretty clean. In fact, much better than most of the media who love to print stories while the facts are still unfolding or quote sources who are not reliable, or take quotes out of context.

But here at P4M, we all seemed to be a great, big bi-partisan family who was very happy. Well, until last week when I posted (I admit) a rant that was clearly labeled an opinion piece. Apparently, I am not allowed to express an opinion on my blog because now I will be incapable of ever providing another believable, non-partisan word.

I find that logic interesting since one of the big stories this year has been how Sen. Obama has the media eating out of his hand. This was made perfectly clear not in their treatment of Sen. McCain, but of Sen. Clinton. For months, Sen. Clinton had to endure the media fawning over Obama and throwing him softball questions during debates. As funny as the SNL skits were about this subject, they weren't too far from the truth.

So I guess some of you are saying that it's okay for the "non-partisan" media to give your candidate preferential treatment but not okay for this "non-partisan" blogger to question some campaign choices he made.

Final Word? I still stand by this blog and its intent to not "endorse candidates, parties or ideology." Not one time in that post did I endorse a candidate or party or ideology. I merely stated (with an admitted edge) why I thought Sen. Obama had used poor judgment in planning that trip.

I'd also like to believe that you are all smart, thinking women (and men) who don't judge a person's entire party affiliation and voting record on one written piece. Face it. After 8 months, you don't know if I have blond hair, green eyes, 4 kids, or a dog. You don't know if I drive a Hummer, own a business or if I'm an African-American woman. And I bet you can't tell if I believe in global warming, tax cuts or school vouchers.

So what makes you think you know who I'm going to vote for in November?

But what if I told you I was voting for Obama---would that suddenly change your mind about my ability to provide posts rooted in fact? Would all be forgiven with you Obama supporters and now I'd find myself on the outs with the McCain supporters?

I'd like to believe you don't care who I'm going to vote for and you just want to continue to read the same non-partisan posts I've been doing for 8 months.

Will I do more opinion pieces? Well, I still owe the Obama people a McCain rant...and it's coming.

After that? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out.


Livin' Life said...

I have really enjoyed this site and the information it provides. Unfortunately in America you are given the Freedom of Speech but not Freedom of opinion. I have seen this on too many other blogs. Please continue your work here for even us few who are looking for political information with truth.

I find it really sad that we can not have different opinions or beliefs without someone blasting them. I guess in some ways this is why I get so discouraged over the political realm as a whole.

Kat said...

I think you're doing an awesome job. I have said it before but I'll say it again you do an excellent job providing unbiased coverage, even in your comments on other blogs. I have learned a lot from this site about the political process in general and I am very thankful you started this blog. I love bloggers that make me think. I think we all need to be doing a lot more thinking in this country. Seek first to understand and only then try to be understood.

If you ever want to "rant" with a conservative slant, you are always welcome to guest post at Moms In The Right.
btw, I'm looking forward to seeing your rant about McCain because I know you will be fair and accurate.

Jessica Galeazzi said...

I too enjoy this site. I have avoided politics because of well, all the politics! So, you wrote an opinion piece about Obama. You also corrected yourself in the comments section when needed. For me, that is what makes this site a worthwhile read. The discussion may get a little heated, but it appears to be open and respectful (at least from your side and most of the other commenters). Thanks for all your work and keep it up!

Diana said...

Delurking to say that I really like your blog and you seem totally fair and unbiased to me...just giving us the facts. Now regarding your OPINION piece that is just what it was and you labeled it as such. Please keep up the informative work you are doing. Thanks!

Melissa said...


Sorry. I was just trying to picture you as a dog owner with 4 kids driving a Hummer. Not that you aren't....I mean....because you could be.

Uh-hem. All the really smart people who read this blog are now totally frustrated with my stupid comment.

Seriously, don't change a thing; you are entitled to expressing an opinion that you clearly were not trying to disguise as a fact. Beside, a little controversy keeps things interesting!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Great post! You have done a great job and I've recommended this site to many folks: men, women, right, left, center, old, young, liberal and conservative. Your opinion is your right, after all, it is your blog!

Further, and this is what keeps me and my compadres, returning, is that your opinion (labeled as such) is also well-thought out and respectfully stated. Never mean-spirited or petty. And all of it at this site, opinion or not, has elevated my thought process. Thanks for that!

2 Boys' Mom said...

You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

This raises one of those fundamental questions--is it possible for someone to be truly non-partisan? Conservatives complain about the bias of the "mainstream" media and liberals complain about the propaganda of Fox News. They both claim to be "non-partisan" but no one believes they are. The only normal news source I've found that comes close to being non-partisan is The Economist, which isn't even American. Do political news outlets (including blogs) owe it to their readers to disclose the writer's political leanings, on the theory that even if the writer is trying to be fair and non-partisan the reader should have the opportunity to know the writer's natural bias? I have mixed feelings about it, but would be interested to hear other people's opinions.

Anonymous said...


Shauna said...

I love being able to get a bite-sized portion of politics every day. i also love reading your opinion. There are things I agree and disagree with, but it is interesting and it gives me topics of conversation with my husband at the end of the day besides, your son bit the dog. Don't change a thing. The main stream media has certainly not been shy about sharing their opinion. If you want to rant - you can always e-mail me.

Ainsley said...

Thanks for taking the time to bring us the political news everyday... I know it takes dedication. Whereas I appreciate the regular non-biased posts, I was well-aware reading that post that you were "just stating your opinion." I guess there were people reading who really relied on the tone of the blog being non-partisan, which I can totally understand. But "opinion pieces" are done all the time in papers, and we usually enjoy them - even if we disagree. So I really don't understand all the craziness here.=)

Keep up the great work!

Lalena said...

I think this blog is great!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Been meaning to comment on this. Thought you made a good argument for what you do and why.

I just Stumbled this post -- really enjoy P4M!

Classic MaMa said...

:) I love this blog because I can count on you to give me the skinny on issues that I don't have time to sort through on my own. That is, after all, what this is about isn't it? Politics for Moms?

Keep up the great work, you amazing, smart woman you!

Anonymous said...

Thats because liberals only believe in "acceptance" and "respect" when you share their own values (or values they deem worthy). Once you deter for a second, or dare to criticize ANYthing, they attack you. Because everyone knows you must be stupid, racist, or ignorant if you aren't a liberal. ::rolls eyes::

They wouldn't be batting an eyelash if you had put up a McCain bash...suddenly non-partisan wouldn't have mattered quite so much.

You're only allowed to have your own opinion when they AGREE with it!!! Heaven forbid you OFFEND them by stating your own beliefs in front of them! How mean!


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