Sunday, August 31

DNC Recap

After a long and hard fought primary battle, Democrats gathered last week in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. By most accounts, the week-long celebration elevated the standard political convention to new heights as it merged the art of storytelling with multi-media and added in a splash of the "wow" factor that turned what could've been boring rhetoric into an entertaining media event.

Of course, the historical moments (and there were many) were not lost on this audience. Every opportunity was given to recognize Obama's achievement as the first African-American to capture a major-party nomination. And as coincidence would have it, Clinton was lauded for being the first woman to contend seriously for the Presidency in the same week as the anniversary of women's suffrage.

Here are a few of the highlights with links to the specific speeches that stood out from the week:

Of course, the crescendo of the week was Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) that was given before 84,000 people in a spectacle that was part rock concert and part political rally. His speech clearly outlined his policy difference with John McCain and then provided, in more specific detail than ever, his economic, foreign policy, energy and education plans.

Despite the media's wish for a brawl between the Clintons and the Obamas, the convention seemed to genuinely unite the Democratic party and continue to push their candidate forward.

What was your favorite moment from the DNC?



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