Saturday, August 30

Did You Miss Me?

What a week to not have Internet access! My apologies to those of you who were expecting daily coverage of the DNC. It was my intent to watch the convention into the wee hours of the morning each day and then report back to you. I didn't have any problem staying glued to the action, it was the reporting that became impossible from my family's vacation spot this week.

Many thanks to Jeff Porter, or as we like to call him here at P4M, Anonymous Jeff, for filling in this week. It's no secret to our regular readers that Jeff is an Obama supporter who likes to keep things interesting around here so I thought he'd enjoy the opportunity to wax poetic about his party's convention. He assured me he tried to keep it objective, but it looks like he found himself on the hot seat several times.

My apologies to any new readers who clicked here looking for objective and unbiased political coverage. I know some of you were taken off guard by Jeff's commentary, especially his thoughts on Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Rest assured, Anonymous Jeff has been relegated back to the comments where you can always find him sparking debate.

In the mean time, I'm ready to post some closing thoughts on the DNC and to get geared up for the RNC. These are certainly exciting days for American politics.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Jeff fooled you. The Democrats aren't his party anymore than the Republicans are. Jeff is interested in the candidate first and foremost. He's an equal opportunity supporter which really makes this liberal democrat crazy.

For what its worth, the selection of a VP candidate isn't enough to make this former Hillary supporter switch to McCain, regardless of who the VP pick is. When it comes to what I believe is important for the future of this country, Obama is now my choice. I do, however, think Palin is probably a smart pick in terms of wooing independants and keeping the republican base happy.

Marnie (aka Jeff's wife)

Anonymous said...

He fooled me. J straddles the fence. You can't have it both ways.
I want someone with a strong conviction fighting for my party. He needs to figure out what he believes and who team he is really on.

A real Republican

Marnie said...

Of course you can have it "both ways." Its called being an Independant and they get to vote too.

Jeff said...

My political views don't fit nicely into either party.

For example, I believe Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and think the issue should be decided by the states until a better defined right to privacy is enacted. Legislatively, I would support the right for a woman to have an abortion early in a pregnancy and in certain tragic circumstances. I also support comprehensive sex ed in public schools. Does this make me an R or D?

On taxes, I support low taxes but strongly disagree with Bush's tax cuts for the uber-wealthy. I would cut taxes for the middle and lower class and raise taxes for the wealthy (Obama's plan). Does this make me an R or D?

On drugs and criminal justice, I would clear the prisons of all non-violent drug-users and reserve prison space for only dealers and violent offenders. Is this an R or D position?

On immigration, I support the Bush/McCain/Kennedy plan. Does that make me a bad R?

On Iraq, I think the war and all that has come from it is perhaps the worst Presidential decision ever made in my lifetime. The reasons are too many to list. I almost think it was criminal to distort, shade and manipulate the way the Bush Admin did. Does this make me a D?

Sorry, but I won't let either party put me in their pre-defined boxes.

Jeff said...

Oh, and on judges, I generally like the Bush nominees to the S. Ct. and like the current balance on the court. Does that make me an R?

Marnie said...

See what I mean? It drives me crazy, but his commitment to the issues is one of the many things I love about him.

marnie said...

To clarify, his commitment to sides of issues that differ from my side drives me crazy, not his commitment to the issues.


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