Friday, June 13

Paul Leaves Presidential Race

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday night he is ending his campaign but will keep spreading his message by working to help elect libertarian-leaning Republicans to public office around the country.

“The campaign is going to shift gears. It’s going to accelerate. It’s going to get much bigger,” Paul told The Associated Press in an interview before a rally where he was making the announcement. “To me, it’s a technical change.”

The announcement is a formality. The 72-year-old congressman won few delegates during the Republican primaries, but he raised large amounts of money online and developed a huge grass-roots following.

Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign spokesman, said Paul is beginning a “Campaign for Liberty.”
The presidential campaign still has about $4.7 million in the bank, which can now be used for the new effort, Benton said, describing it as a “permanent campaign.”

“We’re going to work with the grass roots,” Benton said. “People are really eager to continue and grow these efforts.”



Kathy said...

I was there before and after Paul made this announcement. Basically he had instructed the Libertarians to take as much control over the Republican party as possible. When that did not work he bowed out, but he did serious damage to the respect between Republicans and Libertarians.

In what I saw Paul seemed to be playing it safe while young kids dealt with a lot of defeat. He had not truly educated them in Parlimentary procedure or it could have ended differently.


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