Friday, June 13

Freedom Friday

I'm sorry that Freedom Friday has taken an unscheduled break for the last several weeks. With the end of school and other activities, life has been really crazy and Friday seems to sneak up on me every week. But with the kids home, I thought it would be fun to take Freedom Friday in a different direction for the summer.

When we were kids, teaching citizenship to students was very much a part of our school day. But with the increased pressure on our schools to perform, our kids are learning less and less about becoming good citizens, making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their own lives and their communities.

So every Friday this summer I'm going to give you ideas you can do with your kids to help them learn more about this country we live in and what they can do to become responsible and valuable citizens.

This Friday we're going to start with an easy one: the Pledge of Allegiance. My children say the pledge every morning at school, but I've learned recently that not every school requires that. Therefore, there are a growing number of children who haven't learned the Pledge of Allegiance.

If your children don't know the pledge, take some time this summer to teach it to them. But instead of memorizing just words, also share with them the history of the pledge and why it is important to our nation.


happyathome said...

Kudos to you for doing this! I think many people do not realize how lucky we are to live in a country with so many freedoms. No one says we are perfect but we have the ability to make changes, unlike other countries. I am looking forward to reading your Freedom Fridays on this subject.


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