Sunday, June 1

Compromise Prompts Anger from Clinton Campaign

No one should be surprised that Clinton isn't going to leave this race quietly or quickly. After yesterday's decision by the DNC Rules Committee to allow delegates from MI and FL to be seated in full but with only a half vote, Clinton supporters were not overjoyed with the results.

The anger mainly stems from the outcome of the MI delegates. The percentage by which the delegates were awarded was a number recommended by the Michigan Democratic Party and not the percentage that was reflective of the election. Opponents say that this decision strips Clinton of four delegate votes and gives them to Obama.

However, I'm not sure it really even matters since four votes isn't enough to significantly change the number of delegates each candidate has, but it has become a source of contention for Clinton supporters. Clinton is reserving the right to take the matter to the credentials committee that will meet right before the convention.

But don't look for Clinton to concede victory to Obama this week, even if he reaches the number of delegates he needs to win the nomination, as is expected after the primaries in Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday. Clinton is still hanging her hat on the votes of super delegates and her belief that she is the more electable candidate against John McCain in the fall. This little matter of counting delegate votes in Michigan just gives her one more reason to keep plugging along.

How do you see it?



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