Thursday, April 24

Will 'Change' Play Well in Indiana?

The Democrat message of change may not play well in Indiana, the next stop on the primary trail. According to an interesting article in the New York Times today, Hoosiers are leery of change for change sake.

“We hold onto a lot of traditional values,” said Brian L. Thomas, 39, Kokomo, as he bought a cup of coffee along the courthouse square here on Wednesday. “Saying you’re ready to change is probably not the best or only thing you would want to say around these parts. Frankly, we want it to be like it used to be.”

That sentiment was echoed by Ron O'Bryan, 58, a retired auto worker.

“What are we going to change to? You mean change to some other country’s system? What do you think they mean?”

Jeremy Lewis, a 28-year-old window washer, said simply,

“Old-fashioned can be in a good way.”

It will be interested to see if and how the candidates modify their message to connect with the people.


The Gang's All Here! said...

Yeah. Go Indiana! Old fashioned can be very good.

Anonymous said...

Obama's message of change is not about changing to another country's form of government. It's about changing the way politics is practiced. Changing from a contentious posture to a more collaborative, relational posture. This doesn't mean everyone will be happy and get along, but it's a recognition that politics is about compromise between parties of goodwill, not warfare. Obama is looking for people of goodwill who want to partner to make progress on some of the biggest issues facing the country. Obama's message is that our politics is unneccessarily dominated by the extremes who only want to destroy their political opponents. This uncompromising posture distorts the political process and shuts out the people of goodwill who want to find solutions. Obama (and McCain, too) is saying it doesn't have to be this way. We should be able to sit down at the table with those who disagree with us and work together. It's like being on a committee that's dominated by a few loudmouths who just want to complain and intimidate to get their way. You spend most of your time catering to the loudmouth and trying to manage their difficult personality. The loudmouths are frequently successful in pushing the committee to bend to their will just because the loudest most rancorous person. That's how our politics have become and Obama wants us to embrace a new way. The loudmouths will always be there, but we don't have to let them control the agenda or dictate policy.


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