Monday, April 28

Obama Changes His Message?

Last week I linked to an article from the WSJ that talked about how Hoosiers may be leery of a message of change for change sake. Interestingly, today there is an article that talks about how Obama has changed "his call for change by speaking more directly to voters' economic concerns."

In a state where plant closings and rising unemployment are a major issue for voters, Obama changed his stump speech to reflect how "he would bring changes to help people overcome their economic plight."

Although Obama's message of hope and change has been the driving message of his campaign, it has often lacked the details and a plan for obtaining that change. That may change a little as the Obama camp switches its message from an ideological message of change to a more 'rubber hits the road' message.

Advisers said the new message is less a response to losses in Ohio and Pennsylvania and more a reflection of the growing importance of the economy to voters. Obama communications director Robert Gibbs said that in Indiana, Sen. Obama "will focus on making sure people know what ['change'] means, and what that means specifically for them."

Sen. Obama had struggled to connect with financially insecure voters, at least one survey showed. "They're less likely to seek change, even if it's positive change they really want, because the prospect of change only adds to their insecurity," said Pam Murtaugh, a global management consultant who conducted a survey of 400 Pennsylvania voters two weeks ago and found that lofty appeals to hope were less likely to connect with those voters.

We'll know in one week if this change in approach connects with voters when Indiana holds their primary on May 6.


~Denise~ said...

His lack of further explanation on some of the changes he wants to make has concerned me. I like the guy, but would love more information. Of course, that goes for all politicians, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Again, his "change" theme is about political change; that is, change in the tone and posture of our politics. For example, it's about not just looking at how a new trade agreement will improve the corporate bottom line, but how will it affect workers who's jobs will be lost? How will it affect competition if foreign companies can compete with substandard labor and environmental rules? It's about looking at public policy from the point of view of the people and not just those with powerful lobbying resources. The specifics will vary from issue to issue and will also face the realities of the Congress. Candidates can give specifics out the whazzu, but legislation never ends up looking anything like it was originally envisioned after it makes it way through Congress and the various committees. Obama's message of change is about the perspective he'll bring to the Office, which he's talked about at length for months.

Anonymous said...

Interesting insight into Obama's approach to legislation can be found here:

the back door said...

i have to say that being a hoosier this is the first time i've really sensed a care about the election. you are correct in the statement that hoosiers don't like change - it is why we are still in the shape we are. even my small town is struggling to embrace the concept of a downtown park and walk/bike trail. weird, since we are trying so hard to bring new high paying jobs. atleast that is what mitch(the governor that keeps selling us) keeps telling us.

anyways....obama recently paid a visit to our community. hillary has been here a couple of times and bill is appearing at our local high school on saturday. i think obama's change is more of what we need. it is about changing the office itself. face it, the president can't do anything. it is congress really. so i'm looking for a president that can connect to both sides and spur the congress on.

this will be interesting. us hoosiers have never really had a chance to cast a primary vote that counts. this is exciting. too bad my hubby still wants to stay in politics as a republican b/c i would enjoy a chance to vote democrat this time around. my r vote doesn't really matter!

as for mapboy - he is eating this up!!! he has high hopes he can convince a very republican grandpa to take him to see bill this weekend.


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