Wednesday, March 5

Recession vs. Slow Down vs Depression

There is a lot of talk regarding the economy right now. As someone who barely passed economics in college, I'm not a very good person to try and explain the difference between all the terms being thrown out to describe what is happening in the markets and within the economy.

So...if you or someone you know has a good handle on what all this economy talk is about, I'd love for you to do a guest post that explains it all. Sort of like an "Economics for Dummies."

Give me a holler if you get excited about discussing the economy and recessions and depressions. We need you!


What About Mom? said...

I got an A in Econ 101, but still couldn't tell you what's happening in the economy right now. And I don't think any experts could either (not that they couldn't shed a lot of helpful light).

But if you read the papers, there's so much conflicting data and opinion. Especially on the housing market. (Which also varies incredibly by state -- I'm in Utah where prices actually went up 9% from Dec 2006 - Dec 2007).

Have just discovered this blog and am looking forward to good information. For econ stuff, I love the Freakonomics blog on NYTimes.


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