Thursday, March 20

If you're interested in getting an insider's view of the McCain campaign, then you should check out the blog written by his daughter, Meghan. Meghan graduated from Columbia last May with a degree in art history.

McCainBlogette is not your typical political blog. In fact, you won't find much talk about issues or polls or, ahem, politics. Instead Meghan will give you a behind the scene look at her life on the campaign trail and gives you the opportunity to see the McCain family from a different vantage point.
For instance, she posted a picture of the shoes her mom was wearing before she went on stage after Senator McCain became the Republican nominee. You didn't get that kind of coverage on CNN or Fox that night.

Here's a picture of her dad "chillin'" at their cabin in Arizona.

Even though she has grown up in the limelight of politics her entire life, I find her down-to-earth and particularly endearing---especially when she described her "awe" of touring the White House recently. She also loves music and often shares her latest playlist. Her most recent post, "10 Things You Don't Know About My Mom," reveals that Cindy McCain was named Rodeo Queen in high school. It's what politics needs.


Livin' Life said...

That was a really fun blog site. Although not a big McCain fan I enjoyed her stories and real life. I guess I should learn more about them since I will probably be voting for them in the fall.:)

Ainsley said...

Is it just me, or does the link not work?

Natalie said...


The link should/has worked but I just tried it and it does seem to be down. I noticed that AOL is featuring Meghan's blog on their front page today so I'm guessing all the traffic may have crashed her site.

Try back later.



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