Monday, March 31

McCain Launches Commerical and Tour

John McCain launched his first general election television commercial that will reinforce his biography, what he stands for and where he came from. It was launched as McCain embarked "on a “Service to America” tour to places associated with his own, and his family’s, service to the country — from McCain Field (named for his grandfather) near Meridian, Miss., to Annapolis, to two of his stateside Navy postings in Florida."

One of the challenges John McCain is going to face over the next several months is keeping his name and campaign generating headlines. With the daily drama provided by the Democrats duking it out for the nomination, McCain could easily find himself out of the spotlight if he doesn't work hard to keep himself in front of voters.

Hopefully, he learned a lesson from Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani didn't campaign for the early primaries and by the time Florida roled around he had lost all his momentum and support.

I'm looking forward to seeing what strategies he employs to get his message in front of voters.



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