Monday, March 31

Clinton Ignores Calls for her to Drop Out

Even with Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy and Chris Dodd calling on Clinton to drop out this week, and with other strategist examining the numbers for her electability, Clinton vows she's going to continue fighting all the way to the convention. According to experts, while it is possible that she can still win the nomination, it's improbable that she will.

Her resolve to march forward is bad news for those who believe this prolonged fight for the nomination is doing more harm than good for the party. Some pundits believe the only way she can beat Obama is by "taking him out at the knees." With two candidates that are so similar on policy and issues, the only way she could gain the upper hand is by, in effect, playing dirty politics. This is not a new strategy for the Clintons, but usually one reserved for their adversaries, not one of their own.

Could the Democratic party survive such division all the way to August? Would McCain ultimately benefit?

Those are just a few of the questions that are making this election so exciting!



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