Monday, February 11

It's On

What a wild ride those primaries were this weekend! Here are a few observations:
  • Wow, didn't expect Obama to sweep all the primaries---and pretty decisively too. Obama has great momentum going into the Potomac primaries tomorrow. Is this going to be the defining moment in the campaign for the nomination?
  • Clinton replaced her campaign manager today. I guess that pretty much sums up her displeasure with the weekend's results.
  • Although McCain leads comfortably in the delegate count, I was still shocked to see Huckabee win two of the primaries. The third primary, Washington, was won by McCain by less than 200 votes. You couldn't have scripted a more exciting contest.
  • Huckabee would have to win over 80% of the remaining primaries to win the nomination. Nothing is impossible, but that would require a miracle.
An interesting sidenote: I was watching GMA this morning and they made a quick mention that their delegate and popular vote numbers may be slightly different than all the other news sources because all the news agencies calculate their numbers slightly different. Why in the world would they do that? That's crazy.


Praise and Coffee said...

Really great blog!
I am glad to see another mom interested in politics!
I'll be back.


KarenW said...

Great blog! I'm adding you to my google reader.


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