Monday, February 11

Does Sisterhood Guarantee you a Vote?

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This year's Presidential election will go down in the history books for either having the first woman or African-American candidate. Of course, if either of them win the Presidency it will be even that more monumental.

Woman have only had the privilege of voting since 1920. Since then women have continued to bust through the barriers and stereotypes throughout the decades, culminating with the feminist movement in the 1960s that pushed for social and financial equality. Now we're entering a new era where it's likely that we'll see a woman become President in our lifetime.

But with that possibility has brought a new debate: "Are you betraying sisterhood by not voting for a woman in this election?"

Here are a few quotes from the two viewpoints that got me thinking about this question. The first two quotes are from a Hillary supporter who is sad that other woman would pass on the opportunity to vote for a female president.

"We women have faced so many obstacles in this world, and it makes me so sad that those obstacles are put in place by other women"

She also added this:

"What is 'sad' is me breaking the news to my almost 5-year-old daughter that a woman has NEVER been president, even though we make up half the population."

However, another woman didn't see the dilemma in the same way.

"Do not imply that I am betraying my sisterhood by not voting for a woman. This sister stood up for Hillary Clinton when her husband made a fool of her. Repeatedly. This sister is a thinking, feeling, informed, and opinionated woman who knows how to think for herself, and most importantly is raising her daughters to be the same."

What do you think?

*Since the article I linked to above definitely promotes one viewpoint, I thought it only fair to give you another article on the other school of thought.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh! How intriguing! I can't wait to come back and read more thoroughly. Thanks for playing along with our Big Bloggy Move!

(BTW, I am all for a woman president, just not quite sure HRC is the right one for our country right now . . .)

KarenW said...

The preamble to our constitution begins with "We the people", not "We the women". We should vote based on a candidate's qualities to lead our country, not their gender.

Jessi said...

Oh, the irony... Isn't part of why women weren't allowed to vote was because the men thought they wouldn't think through and make wise decisions? Which is EXACTLY what would be happening if a woman simply and solely voted for Hillary based on her gender!! I would be all for a woman president - and very excited about it - IF she held the same positions I did, same values, etc. THAT is what I will base my vote on - not gender. It is absolutely NOT a betrayal to not vote for a woman on that basis; it's a misuse of a vote, and sort of devalues (in my opinion) the fight it took to allow women the right to vote. Women had to fight long and hard to try to prove that we were logical enough, intelligent enough, responsible enough. It would not be any of those things (logical, intelligent or responsible) to vote for Hillary JUST because she is female. (In my ever-so-humble opinion!)

Six in the Mix said...

If the issue that concerned me most was gender equality then I think that voting for Hillary would be the right choice.

However, I value other issues more and I will vote for the candidate that best supports my views.

As much as I would love to see a woman become president, voting for Hillary would betray the very core of my values.

The Gang's All Here! said...

I agree with the other posters - the thing I value the most about my right to vote is that it is my chance to speak my mind, not my gender group's mind. MY mind. And in charting the course of the future of our nation, I prefer to ally myself with a candidate that reflects the values I hold dear. I find the idea of voting based on gender as offensive as voting based on race. It reduces the issues that intelligent voters care about!


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