Thursday, February 21

Healthcare and a Carnival

Healthcare Under the Microscrope
Last week, the sidebar poll asked what top three issues are important to you, the voters. Healthcare came in first with 59 percent. So next week we will spend our time examining the healthcare positions of Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee and Paul. Healthcare could be a defining issue for some candidates so don't miss knowing where they stand.

Freedom Friday Carnival
Also, I'm putting a new twist on Freedom Friday. In addition to posting my own picture, I'm also setting up a Mr. Linky and to let all of you post picture on your own blogs. Of course, if you don't have a blog but you have a picture, you can e-mail it to me and I'll post it on this site.

The idea of Freedom Friday is simply to celebrate the many liberties and freedoms we have in this country. It can be a picture of something that symbolizes freedom or a picture of an actual freedom we enjoy. If you're still at a loss, just post a picture of you and your kids or just your kids or just you, so we can see who is out there caring about anything political.

Don't be camera shy, jump into Freedom Friday.


belle said...

I don't have a picture (just figuring out how to type on a blog is a major accomplishment for me) but here's my "freedom friday" thought.... I just discovered that in Poland parents must chose a name for their child out of an approved government list of about 600 names. I think that's the current number on the choice list. Isn't that horrible? Thank you American government for staying out of my business!!!! I have the wonderful freedom to chose what to name my child AND how to spell it! (In Poland, they have approved spellings too!)

Livin' Life said...

The "Name List" is actually more common than you realize. It happens in many third world countries. I have known many missionary families that have told me about these lists. Some have had to choose from them if they gave birth in that country where as some came back to the US for the birth of their child and then went back. It is interesting though one more freedom we take for granted.


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