Friday, February 29

20 Surprising Ways Wal-Mart Clinics Affect US Healthcare

We looked at all the Republican candidates' healthcare plans this week and next week we'll tackle the Democrats. But maybe we need to look to the US's largest retailer for how to solve this crisis.


Laura said...

A very interesting read. Of course I have some reservations about a medical clinic in my local WalMart, but I think a lot of good could ultimately come from this idea.

My favorite part is the fact that it is a walk-in clinic.

I grew up in a small town where we never made appointments to see the doctor. If a person was sick, he walked into the dr's office and waited until it was his turn to be seen. I didn't even realize people had to make an appointment to see a doctor until I moved away to college.

I like the idea of being able to see a dr when I am sick, not next week when he can squeeze me into his busy schedule and my symptoms have all but disappeared after a miserable weekend on the couch. But that's just me.

2 Boys' Mom said...

I like the idea of more hours for when you are sick. I don't have a problem with getting my sick kids into see their pediatrician (they are open every day but Sunday until 7:30pm), but my husband and I are a different story. It can take a couple of days for a sick visit which is really annoying.

I probably would use a Wal*Mart clinic for my husband and I for sick visits if I couldn't get into our primary care physcian. With our insurance it would cost me more to go to the Wal*Mart clinic than our regular doctor. I definitely can see how this would help those who don't have insurance.

jenn said...

WOW! that is about all i can say about this at the moment. this sounds BIG! i am pleased that health care will now be more available to those who don't have health insurance. it will be interesting to see the effects this ends up having on the health care system.


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