Thursday, January 24

What's Coming Up...

As Politics for Moms gains full steam, here's some new features you can expect to see each week as we learn together what the candidates stand for and how they line up with our personal beliefs and convictions.

Just the Facts: These posts will summarize the major points of each candidate's plan on various issues as outlined on their campaign web sites.

Extra Credit: Sometimes you might want to know more about a particular issue or topic, or you want to know what others are saying. These posts will give you links to other articles, op-eds and blogs so you can dig deeper on those issues that you care about most.

It's Your Turn: These posts will give you the opportunity to take all you've learned on a particular issue and to form your own opinion that we hope you'll share with everybody. Don't be shy---we're all in this together!

Next week we'll tackle our first policy issue, one that is near and dear to all moms: Education. Here's what you can expect:

Monday: Edwards & Huckabee
Tuesday: Clinton & McCain
Wednesday: Obama & Giuliani
Thursday: Romney & Paul
Friday: It's Your Turn

If you know another mom who's interested in the future of education, invite her to join us for next week's discussion.


Livin' Life said...

This is great!! You're amazing Nat. Thanks for doing this for us. Sometimes things get so crazy and trying to keep up with politics is just one more piece of insanity.

Livin' Life said...

Sorry to leave another comment but this is actually a question. You don't have to post it. When did we begin this long exhaustive process of determining the presidential candidates? I don't remember it ever taking so long or was it just not so heavily covered by the media?


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