Thursday, January 24

Deal Reached on Tax Rebates

The House of Representatives announced a new economic stimulus plan today that could have money back in your pocket by early summer. According to the proposed plan,

Individuals who pay income taxes would get up to $600, working couples $1,200 and those couples with children an additional $300 per child under the agreement. Workers who make at least $3,000 but don't pay taxes would get $300 rebates.
The plan also addresses tax cuts for businesses and raises the limits on Federal Housing Administration loans and home mortgages.

The Senate will consider the package next week with hopes to have a final bill on President Bush's desk by February 15.

via AOL News


TCC said...

Sounds good to me.

I like the new header. You are so talented!

Melissa said...

That would be pretty great, but as much as that money would help us with some extras it is not enough to ward off a recession that we seem to have already entered into. I'd be doing back flips if they reformed healthcare or figured out a way to end this thing in Iraq instead. And, not to mention the national deficit; although, sadly, these rebates wouldn't even make a dent in that.

I'm so glad you're building your ark. I, personally, want to stay on top of things. And, I like the new header, too.


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