Monday, April 6

U.N. Security Council Does Not Condemn North Korea...Yet?

After yesterday's failed launch of a rocket, leaders from around the world (except China and Russia) called on the U.N. to issue a rebuke. Leave it to the U.N. Security Council to not reach a unified response, although I'm not sure a written slap on the hand will do much to deter Kim Jong-Il.

Despite the urging of the United States and Japan, the 15-member council could not agree on a statement criticizing North Korea's rocket launch. China and Russia said they were not yet convinced that Pyongyang had violated any U.N. rules, according to council officials.

The council adjourned after three hours and agreed to continue
negotiations on a resolution in the coming days. "Every state has the right to the peaceful use of outer space," said Russia's deputy U.N. envoy, Igor Shcherbak.

complete story via The Washington Post...


Mel- Common Sense Mom said...

This is why we need to to get out of the UN. They are a worthless, powerless group that does nothing for us. The fact that our President just defers to the UN, in the face of North Korea's blatant act of aggression, shows how little he understands the real world.

Melissa said...

They had not reached a unified response??

We've outgrown the need for the U.N....a long time ago. Someone needs to let our president know.


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