Monday, March 9

Would You Like Some Pork with that Tea?

Back in February, MSNBC commentator Rick Santelli gave a rant on the floor of the Chicago Merchantile Exchange that criticized the administration's solution to the housing crisis. These are just a few of his comments:

"How about this, new President and new administration, why don't you put up a Web site to have people vote on the see if we really want to subsidize the losers' mortgages."

"Or would we like to at least buy cars and buy houses in foreclosure and give them to people who might have a chance to actually prosper down the road...reward people who could carry the water instead of drink the water."

"President Obama," Santelli continued. "Are you listening? We're thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July," Santelli said.

The YouTube video that caught the rant has gone viral and has rallied Americans from coast to coast to have their own tea parties in protest of government spending. My city held their tea party Saturday and my family joined about a thousand other citizens who are fed up with government spending.

My favorite part of the rally was all the signs.

You may not realize it, but there is a growing grass roots protest movement. The best organizational resources are Tax Day Tea Party (nationwide April 15 events), Twitter #teaparty, PJTV’s list of upcoming protests, Re-TeaParty (send teabags to Washington and find July 4 events), and TCOT Report. And one more good one: New American Tea Party. (Thanks to Michelle Malkin for compiling that list).

Has your city had a tea party? Did you attend?



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