Tuesday, March 3

What does Bobby Jindal have in common with The Brady Bunch?

He's named after Bobby Brady.

Just a little trivia that was discussed on Sunday's 60 Minutes interview with Gov. Jindal that gives a fascinating look at Jindal's personal and political life.

Even though he gave a lackluster rebuttal speech to President Obama's quasi-State of the Union address, he shows great promise for the Republican party. In fact, I like him even more after watching this segment.

Thanks to Robin at Life is Like Champagne for the link.


happyathome said...

After watching the interview, I also feel he is a positive force for the GOP. Most of my husband's side of the family is located in Lousiana and many were forced to leave after Katrina, lived in one of the hardest hit areas of St. Bernard Parish. I hear about the history of the state from the family and seeing what he has done so far is promising. No LA Republican Governor has had two terms in a row, he may be the first. He may not be running for President soon but is definitely a prospect for the future!
Thanks NAtalie for posting it!


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