Tuesday, March 10

President Unveils New Education Standards Today

This morning, President Obama will announce new standards that he hopes will improve the nation's schools and better educate future generations. Included in his proposal:
  • The president’s will call today for a merit-pay system for teachers. It would reward with extra compensation teachers who are improving student achievement and taking on new responsibilities, rather than the seniority system that long has been a staple of bargaining agreements with teachers’ unions.
  • Obama will propose increasing the number of charter schools, which operate independently from the regular public school system while still under the authority of local boards.
  • The president also wants to pursue a retooling of the No Child Left Behind Act, championed by former President George W. Bush, to set more uniform and rigorous standards for tests on reading and mathematics in elementary schools.
  • Obama also will reiterate his goal of boosting the number of college graduates. The stimulus package and his fiscal 2010 budget would expand the Pell Grant system, which helps low- income families send children to college.
source: Bloomberg News


Stephan said...

All of this sounds good yet he essentially killed the D.C. scholarship program.

He says he is for making education more accessible but kills a program that does just that. I don't get it.


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